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Why Won’t Carol Ann + Laura Stutte’s Insurance Company Pay Up For The Arson Attack On Their Home?

Carol Ann and Laura Stutte, the lesbian Tennessee couple who allege their homophobic neighbor burned their house down after years of anti-gay harassment, aren’t having their lives made any easier by their insurance company. It’s been months since the Sept. 4, arson, and while I’m no home insurance claims expert, that seems like a long time to withhold payment. Might American National Property and Casualty Insurance think the couple set fire to their own home? Maybe! Except, uh, they were out of town on holiday when the place was set ablaze. But until police wrap up their investigaiton, American National isn’t writing any checks. Which means the Stutte family has no home, and no means to rebuild. “Even more disturbing is the institutionalized homophobia of the insurance industry,” notes The Gay Manfiesto. “Like many homeowners, the Stuttes had opted for additional coverage in case of total loss. This additional coverage would provide for housing as well as living expenses until the claim was settled. Five months later American National Property and Causality has not paid a single penny on the claim.” This, despite multiple documented incidents, reported to the police, showing the neighbor’s intent

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  • Joseph

    Insurance companys aren’t know for there big hearts.

  • Troix


  • damon459

    And Insurance companies wonder why so many people try to defraud them. They profit off your possible future loss and they we you actually have a lose they take their sweet time paying that lose hoping you will just magically forget and move on. My auto insurance tried this with me when I hit a deer (it’s montana). I filled a complaint with the state insurance commission and wow did that light a fire under them. Always remember you have option to fight back against greedy insurance companies. They should file a complaint with the Tennessee Department Of Commerce and Insurance.

  • malcanoid

    Perhaps it is time for a wealthy gay entrepreneur to establish an insurance company to cater specifically for gays. If companies in the wider community can’t be relied on to deal with us on the same basis as everyone else we should establish our own. That should give them a tug on the reins.

    Queerty, keep publishing the name of the errant insurance company and let us place our business elsewhere. This is utterly disgraceful. These people have surely been through enough already.

  • MikenStL

    Hi Y’all, What a horrible story, after reading it I decided the least I could do was post a complaint through the insurance companies website:

    “Hi, I just read about the Sept 4 arson and total loss of Carol Ann and Laura Stutte’s home in Monroe county Tennessee and your companies refusal to pay their claim. I myself am part of a gay couple and now know to stay clear of your company since it refuses to pay when homophobic neighbors burn down your house. Your lack of actions have made a horrible situation even worse for this poor couple. Shame on you.”

    I have no idea whether it will help, but thought maybe if enough complained the bad publicity would encourage them.
    Anyone else interested in sending them a message, here’s the site:


  • Shannon1981

    This is terrible. All of the evidence is there that the neighbor harassed these ladies. A lot went on before the house was actually burned down. So why the feet dragging? Because they are gay, that’s why. Disgraceful. Queerty, please keep us updated and keep putting the company’s name out there, as well as the Stuttes’.

  • Nick


    If anyone can contact them, i have a little money i can give them. Its not much, but better then nothing

    nick magliaro

  • Carol Ann Stutte

    As I watch this video that Carla Lewis made, my heart aches. We still haven’t any answers nor closure. It is now May 4th, 2012 and this horrible crime happened to us in 2010. To date our Ins. Co. American National Ins. ANPAC for short has still not provided us or our Attorneys with any information as to why they are accusing us of this horrible crime and will not honor our policy.

    We wait day after day, month after month, it is now 2012 and Laura and I are still making the mortgage payments on a home that no longer exists.

    We can only hope and keep a positive attitude that justice will be served and the truth and facts will come out.

    Laura and I have been forced to live in 3rd world conditions. No plumbing, toilet, shower, central heat and air etc. kitchen etc. We have to bath in Tellico Lake or by a cold faucet in the back yard. We are very grateful to friends who have opened their homes to us and allowed us a confortable bed to rest in and a warm shower to wash in.

    We will never take things for granted again. Such as a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom etc. Please continue to think of us. Know that we are keeping a very positive attitude, we know that eventually our lawyers will right this wrong. The Ins. Co. will not get away with what they have done to us.

    Carol Ann and Laura Stutte

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