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Why Won’t Chuck Storey Just Give Up On Getting Imperial County Involved In The Prop 8 Lawsuit?

Chuck Storey, the newly elected clerk-recorder for Imperial County, isn’t giving up his fight to challenge Prop 8 in court. Oh goodie! Sure, his chances might be fleeting, but just in case is ruled to have insufficient standing to defend Prop 8 when the state won’t, Storey wants the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to let him have a shot. So on Friday, he filed papers with the court asking to do just that, because hey, it’s his office that actually issues marriage licenses, and not he, then who? I feel like a narrator should be saying, “First they came for the clerk-recorders and nobody spoke up.”

Storey was initially denied defendant status because both Judge Vaughn Walker and the Ninth Circuit concluded Imperial’s head county clerk, Dolores Provencio, should be the one bringing the action. Storey just took over her job, but it may be too late.

Aghast at this man’s stamina in keeping his paperwork load as light as possible?? You’re not the only one.

Even Imperial’s Board of Supervisors Chairman Jack Terrazas, whose office only sets the clerk-recorder’s budget but doesn’t have managerial oversight, is in disbelief this is still going on: “He is taking up the banner, I guess if you will, on something we couldn’t legally do. I kind of thought we were already out of it, and it was kind of a surprise that (Storey) stepped up to it.”

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  • Schteve

    The factual errors in this post abound.

    Provencio was a deputy clerk and was ruled to not have standing for just that reason–being a deputy. The court said that if she were the actual clerk (which Ctorey is), then it might be a different story. Hence why he wants in.

    He was never denied the chance to defend it because, as you point out to begin with, he just started the job. I seriously don’t know how you can contradict yourself so easily there.

    All this is irrelevant to the current trial since the deadline to submit a brief to intervene as a defendant was months ago. At best he could bring a new lawsuit up if the court rules that no one who wants to defend it has the authority to do so.

  • Rudha-an

    Correction to the correction. Dolores Provencio was NOT the deputy clerk. She was the Clerk-Recorder. She refused to take part in the defense of Prop 8 and that is why they used a deputy clerk for that argument. Now she has retired and Chuck Storey has replaced her.

    I’m from Imperial County. I haven’t lived there for more than ten years now, but I’m familiar with both Provencio and Storey. I’ve always been fond of Provencio. I can’t say the same for Storey.

    I’m not rooting for my home county or Storey on this issue. I’m rooting for equality. I just wanted to make sure you had the correct information.

    You can read about Provencio’s retirement here:

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