Why Won’t Kathy Griffin Talk About Anderson Cooper’s Man Love? To Keep Him Safe Around the Globe

SOUNDBITES — “First off, I just think Anderson Cooper is the hottest thing. It doesn’t matter who he is standing next to. What’s funny is I got a lot of ink about the F-bomb and yet my favorite joke of the night was when I asked Anderson if, because he was so handsome, does he ever stand in front of a mirror naked pleasuring himself. CNN had no problem with that, which I thought may have been too far, but you know. Anderson has this great line where he says, “I don’t want to be the news, I want to report the news.” And so that’s why, even though I’m the biggest mouth in the world, I actually don’t talk about his personal life, because you have to keep in mind he goes into third world countries where it’s a very different culture, so, you know.” —Kathy Griffin, in an interview where she denies being banned from CNN, on why she doesn’t talk about BFF Anderson Cooper’s personal life