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Why Won’t Michigan Let Jordan Swan Marry His Girlfriend? Because His Birth Certificate Says He’s A She

Transgender Man Denied A Marriage License in Oakland County:

“I think it’s complete bullshit,” says 25-year-old trans man Jordan Swan. “I’m getting every right that I have taken away from me as a legal human begin.” While Michigan may not recognize same-sex marriage, it most certainly recognizes opposite-sex unions, and that’s exactly what Jordan has with his fiance Christie. Except Swan, who’s undergone a hysterectomy and hormone therapy in his transition, still holds a birth certificate that says he’s a woman. And so an Oakland County court there has denied him a marriage license — after issuing him one in person — because Jordan is without a penis. Jordan plans to update his birth certificate, and make this whole ordeal go away. So: An early congratulations on your marriage! (Now let’s give it up for Detroit’s Fox affiliate, which “went to work” to find out what the term “gender reassignment” means. Great job, journalists!)