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Why Won’t Mike Rogers Support Outing Gay Catholic Priests?


When it comes to outing anti-gay officials, Blog Active‘s Mike Rogers invented the gsame — or at least mastered it. Without Rogers’s exposure of folks like Rep. Mark Foley or outh Carolina Lt. Governor Andre Bauer, there might never have been that Outrage film. So how does Rogers feel about, the website promising to expose — or at least collect the names of — gay Catholic priests in D.C. who belong to a Church rallying against gay rights?

He’s not sure, actually.

Rogers has yet to declare his stance one way or the other. “Folks have asked me what I think of an effort to reveal the hidden sexual orientation of clergy members,” he writes. “I certainly think exposing Haggard was a good idea. Applying my thought process on outing political players, I think it’s a good thing to expose hypocrisy like this when the clergy are leading the fight against us. I am not sure where I fall in terms of outing clergy who are merely silent on the issue.”

We’d make this conclusion: Outing gay priests is akin to outing the staffers of an anti-gay gay politician. While these priests may not be actively campaigning against gay rights, they actively belong to and support and rally for an organization that does. And Rogers has outed gay staffers of anti-gay politicos before (list is here), using that very rationalization. So where’s his support of outing members of the cloth?