Why Won’t NOM Release Its Financials?


The National Organization for Marriage may spend hundreds of thousands of dollars building its brand of hate in the media, but they’re much more reticent behind the scenes. Especially when it comes to finances.

As a federally recognized non-profit, NOM is required to make available its IRS filings. The muckrakers at Californians Against Hate submitted requests for NOM’s two entities — the National Organization for Marriage 501(c)4 and the National Organization for Marriage Educational Fund 501(c)3 — last month, but still haven’t heard back within the required 30 day timeline. (The “IRS imposes fines of $20 per day up to $10,000 per committee until the financial disclosures are made public.”)

Of course the common wisdom is that NOM, headed by walking cartoon Maggie Gallagher, is a front for the Mormon Church. But without those IRS filings, it’s difficult to back that claim. As they say, “follow the money.” So far, NOM is making that difficult, but not impossible, to do. (Matthew R. Holland, son of Mormon Apostle Jeffrey S. Holland and a board member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, resigned from the board of NOM after rumors began circulating that the two organizations were affiliated. Holland was replaced by sci-fi writer and government overthrower Orson Scott Card.)

Some $1.5 million is being spent on television ads, claims NOM, but there’s no record of who’s funding that cash. (We suspect the media spend budget isn’t that large; like politicians’ ads these days, they get more play on YouTube than they do on TV.) And asking Gallagher and NOM’s public relations firm CRC doesn’t seem to turn up any answers.


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  • Bob

    Cough*Church of Latter Day Saint*Cough

  • AlanInSLC

    Yet another correlation to the damn church in my home state and yet another reason to despise them even more than I already do. It sure does sound like an LSD er, um, LDS attempt to hide more information on funding the attempts to slander the LGBT community. For a religion who is suppose to be so close to GOD, they sure do like to hide and be sneaky like the devil.

  • walt zipprian

    Whenever I think of mormons now I always think of that South Park episode.

  • Alex

    Hmm…I wonder if my old Magic cards are worth anything?

  • Sam

    I love how anytime there is anything anti-gay it HAS to be the Mormon’s backing it. Remember when reporters actually had to show evidence to back up their outrageous claims? Oh, I guess the fact that one of the people on NOMs board is Mormon is proof that the LDS Church is backing it, right? Just like how because a terrorist happened to be Muslim it must mean that ALL Muslims are terrorists.

    And I guess because Californians Against Hate said it, it must be true…even though every allegation they’ve made as proven to be without substance and incredibly anti-Mormon

    But life is easier when you make it “us vs. them” because if we are right, then the other side must be stupid or something. But that’s not a bigoted comment because THEY are the ones that are bigoted and therefore I can’t be…right.

    I live around a lot of Mormons and have discussed this topic in-depth with many. Not once have I heard someone make a disparaging remark against homosexuals. Instead, I have heard only good things said about them and the acknowledgment that this is a very complex issue with a lot of internal conflict. People who boil issues like this down to “us vs. them” arguments are rarely being intellectually honest. Take a tip from Barak Obama and actually LISTEN to those with whom you disagree. Oh, and not just activist anti-gays that reinforce your biases of that group.

  • strumpetwindsock

    Well said.

    Sorry to say your call for reason is likely to earn you a heap of scorn and the same baseless attacks you are warning about.

    Speaking from experience.

  • strumpetwindsock


    Not saying you shouldn’t have posted it.

    Good on you.

  • Steven

    NOM is apparently starting a telephone campaign disguised as a “survey”.

    Caller ID: Campres09
    Phone: 202-461-3460

    They ask the “question”: “I was attacked when I spoke up for marriage as between one man and one woman. Are you registered to vote?”

    The “survey” identified itself as The National Organization for Marriage at the end of the call.

  • Chris

    Orson Scott Card is also a mormon.

  • virgiep

    Here’s a quick and dirty response to the National Organization for Marriage:
    Call the NOM 1.609.688.0450 and leave them a message on the theme of “survival” :
    Gloria Gaynor / Reba McEntire / Destiny’s Child / inane parts of the TV show/be creative
    Look up your survival message on youtube and hold the phone nearby.

    Or fax…(888) 894-3604

    We will outlive this crap

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