Why Would Michael Jackson’s Fans Make Death Threats Toward Dr. Arnold Klein?

After Dr. Arnold Klein confirmed his former dermatology assistant Jason Pfeiffer had a same-sex love affair with Michael Jackson, unidentified folks have been making death threats against the good doc. The whole claim is yawn-inducing, partially because dopplegangers have been attaching themselves to Jackson, in hopes of fame and fortune, since he was a boy. That, and Jackson was most likely asexual, not straight or gay; even Jackson’s father Joe says his son wasn’t gay. But now that the claim is out there, Klein says people have been calling him wanting to kill him since he appeared on Extra. It’s possible folks are actually dialing (his publicly available) phone number and making threats. But is it because Klein claims Jackson is gay? Or because Klein is just another jerk trying to cash in on a dead man’s legacy?

Or, I’m guessing, because even if Jackson was gay, and enjoyed the sexual company of another men, at the very least he could’ve chosen a more reputable partner than this Preiffer loser.