Why Would The Gayest Character On GLEE Pose For Pictures With Anti-Gay GOPs?

Chris Colfer who plays Kurt in GLEE has already had his image used by an anti-gay group. So why did he agree to take pictures with the anti-gay Republicans when he attended the White House Correspondents Dinner? Piers Morgan (the same CNN correspondent who interviewed Ted “buttsecks repulses me” Nugent) asked him Colfer this very question and Colfer basically said that he thinks his agreeing to take a photo might help sway anti-gay Republicans into reconsidering their stances against homosexuality.

That’s smart thinking that can also work several different ways. Republicans who posed with GLEE’s gayest star can say “Look! I have gay friends! I even watch GLEE!” to help stave off attacks about their anti-gay voting record. But conversely gays can point out the contradiction in such photos, much like Colfer does in his interview: “Yeah sure — you don’t believe in me and my rights, but you want a picture with me. Sure, sure, I’ll take a picture with you.” By using honey rather than vinegar, we can capture such images and then ask these GOPs why they vote against gays if they supposedly like us so much. After all, GLEE’s just about the gayest thing on TV, apart from pro-wrestling.