Why You Might Not Want to Buy Justin Timberlake’s New Clothing Line

Not because you think William Rast — the fashion label Justin Timberlake launched in 2005 with Trace Ayala — is crap. (It’s actually not as bad as you think!) But because the new line of goods going on sale in December just in time for Christmas will be sold exclusively at Target.

Of course, December is the month that follows November, when those election things take place, and perhaps by then you’ll have dismissed the retail chain’s $150k support of anti-gay Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer?

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  • OST

    It seems a lot of designers are cashing in and making a different version of their lines for Target.

  • alex

    Queerty needs to stop publishing libelous information about Target. Target did NOT give an anti-gay politician $150.

    Target supported MN Forward. MN Forward is a pro-business political action committee. MN Forward later gave money to Tom Emmer, primarily because of his pro-business bent.

    Queerty editors seem to live in a one-issue world. But, believe it or not, many things that happen in this world do not have anything to do with being gay.

    I shouldn’t be surprised; Queerty loves to vilify LGBT allies over perceived slights.

  • Ricky

    If I like the clothes, I’ll be buying them at target, becuase I have no intention of boycotting a store that has a good track record with gay people. I agree with Alex… stop being so issue-centric as it is apparent that sexulity had little, if nothing, to do with Target’s actions.

  • Devon

    I’m already over this boycott Target idea. On my salary most of what I make goes right to the rent and the internet/tv/phone bills, so it’s just easier to shop at the big discount stores. Yeah, Target made a dick move this time, but they’re still a largely gay friendly company, and they’re still infinitely better than Wal-Mart and their lengthy history of bulk-buying supervillainy.

  • RomanHans

    @Alex: Excuse me? *Perceived* slights? Giving money to a rabidly anti-gay politician is an insult, and saying otherwise marks you as having the intelligence of a chicken.

    As far as the “one-issue world,” when that issue is EQUAL RIGHTS I think it’s pretty defensible.

  • B

    No. 5 · RomanHans wrote, “@Alex: Excuse me? *Perceived* slights?”

    Yes, “perceived” if Alex is correct: according to Alex, Target gave money to some group called MN Forward, which he claims is a pro-business group. Also according to Alex, MN Forward subsequently gave money to some guy who has an anti-gay agenda.

    The term “perceived slights” is reasonable because Target cannot predict the future with 100% reliability. At the time Target gave money to MN Forward, there was no way to know that MN Forward would give a contribution to Tom Emmer some time later.

  • Marcus

    Okay, it’s about time that Target stepped up their men’s clothing. I’m sick watching sister buy cute Rodarte and Zac Posen dresses as I wander over to the men’s side and see the latest from the Converse All-Stars line. I don’t want an oversized black shirt with dragon decals on the side. I’d like something stylish and dapper for less. As long as it doesn’t mean less room for Scooby Doo boxer shorts for crying out loud.

  • Michael

    Talk about your seven degrees of what’s your point, what a stretch! Why not boycott buying CK underwear, because some of it contains cotton grown in the South where slaves were once forced to be pick the fields.

  • sebastian

    Penis-nose Timberlake hawking clothes? LOL. He should be hawking condoms.

  • jason

    I would maybe support a Target boycott if I knew the people boycotting would start shopping at locally owned, non-big-box stores. But the majority of them are just gonna hop on over to Walmart. I’d still rather give Target my money over Walmart

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