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Why’d Katy Perry Have To Ruin Darren Criss’ ‘Teenage Dream’ Performance?

In addition to giving Jane Lynch the opportunity to laud Kathy Griffin and Taye Diggs an opportunity to sing “Ebony and Ivory” with wife Idina Menzel, last night’s Trevor Project benefit “Trevor Live” at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles was also the scene of Glee‘s Darren Criss (and the Warblers) dueting with Katy Perry for “Teenage Dream.” You can imagine how crazy the gays went for their faux advocate.

And what’s this about James Marsden and Neil Patrick Harris smooching during their performance?

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  • Dave

    She totally ruined the end of that song for Darren and for me. It’s his song now Kathy.

  • uppity1

    Whether you love or hate Katy Perry one thing is for sure .. her harmonising was absolutely atrocious.

  • Cranston Cranium

    “Katy” Perry? Or should we call you “Kanye” Perry for jumping in screwing the song up?

  • Hilarious

    I actually replaced her version with his version on my iPod the day it aired on Glee.

    Her voice is somewhat annoying in general, but she sounds awful live.

  • Red Meat

    Where is the Katy Perry defender for some damage control. She ruined the song.

  • Ian

    I find it so continually amusing that an actor/musician sang the song SO much better than the original artist, and effectively made it his own!

  • Ian

    James Marsden continues to be the gayest straight guy I’ve ever seen. I would be shocked if he didn’t at least experiment with the same-sex when he was younger.

  • hephaestion

    Isn’t Katy Perry the woman who uses anti-gay language? Darren did her song a hundred times better than she did.

    James Marsden is super-cool. Did you see him play gay in “The 24th Day”? He was wonderful. And he was beyond brilliant in “Hairspray.”

  • mconyc08

    Everytime I hear that RENT song I get goosebumps.

  • Hilarious

    @Ian: He’s straight?

    I had the biggest crush on him as a kid in his early years and I was so sure he was gay. I dunno but I think we have an intuition for this stuff that we deny because straight people are always telling us we’re wrong and “want every straight man we see to be gay…”.

  • Jake

    Why is it that eveytime closet-case Darren Criss has a picture taken he makes a weird face with his mouth open or his tongue sticking out? He’s just annoying, maybe I just can’t stand closet-cases!

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