WI Lawmaker Pushing Bill That Would Classify All Gay Parents As Child Abusers

Republican State Senator Glenn Grothman of Wisconsin doesn’t want gays and lesbians to raise children. So he’s introduced a bill in the Legislature that would force the state Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Board to classify “nonmarital parenthood as a contributing factor to child abuse and neglect.”

Yup, all you single moms and LGBT parents would have to turn yourself in to the authorities.

As The New Civil Rights Movement points out, such a measure, even if it passed, would be almost impossible to carry out:

What is supposed to happen to all those children who, tragically, lose a parent to, say, cancer? A car accident? Divorce? Does the State come in the day of the parent’s funeral and rip the young boy or girl from their surviving parent’s loving arms and place them in an orphanage?

Grothman has previously voted against a proposed MLK holiday, any official recognition of Kwanzaa, and the mandatory disinfection of groundwater in public water systems.

At what point to voters become embarrassed to be represented by radical GOP nutbags like Grothman, Indiana’s Bob Morris and Tennessee’s Stacey Campfield?

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  • Flick

    Uh-oh, Wisconsin is at it again :P

  • SteveBmke

    Feel Free to let Senator Grothman know your comments: His off ice number is:
    1-608-266-7515 or 1-800-662-1227

  • lizcivious

    No wonder people from Wisconsin are called cheeseheads if they put idiots like this in office. Dairy cows would do a better job in the senate. Not surprisingly, this buffoon is unmarried and has no children. I do hope Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have some fun at his expense on their shows.

  • jeffrey

    Unfortunately the people that elected him to his office are probably not embarrassed at all. I am from Indiana and know a lot of people here support and re-elect these right wing-nuts.

  • Hyhybt

    A pro-cholera platform?

  • Angel

    I called and I let them have it for a good 10 mins or so. They told me they had better things to do than talk to me.

  • Cam

    Perhaps we should pass a law that children cannot be raised by right wing religious nuts.

  • JTKlaus

    End White homophobia!

  • dvlaries

    Whereas Glenn is an example of the exemplary job two (presumed) heterosexuals can do raising a well-adjusted individual…?

  • Meritricious_MEL

    Do these clowns suddenly transform into raging idiots after they get elected? Talk about militant ignorance!

  • david

    ok to tell you the truth if we are child abusers what the fuck happend to the straight family that had a mentally ill child and their home and they beated her ass almost to death with a belt?? i still have not heard of a case of two fathers or two mothers almost killing their child by hitting them please you ignorant peace of crap we are all the same no matter who or what we are… Peace + Love = Happiness

  • Elizabeth

    He’s a stupid cunt. Enough said.

  • RoXas Saix


    Uhm… how about end ALL homophobia, you racist idiot!

  • B

    No. 10 · Meritricious_MEL asked, “Do these clowns suddenly transform into raging idiots after they get elected?”

    My first thought was that “the clown” is running for reelection and is trying to appeal to idiot voters. So I checked his official web page (the state one, not a campaign one) and found that he was elected to the state senate in 2004 and 2008, which means 4-year terms so he has an election coming up this year. has a list of bills he introduced. has the text of the bill in question. It requires that public-awareness campaigns, material, etc. “emphasize nonmarital parenthood as a contributing factor to child 6abuse and neglect.” How it is to be emphasized is not stated. It just adds a few sentences to existing law and does not require or even suggest taking children away from parents.

    I would presume the intended targets are unmarried couples where women are impregnated by boyfriends who then leave their girlfriends to fend for themselves: it cites existing regulations that require emphasizing the role of fathers in preventing child abuse and neglect.

  • the crustybastard

    So non-marital parenthood is bad, but he also opposes marriage?

    I really cannot understand the pathology of a person who simply cannot endure the idea of a gay person having a family — particularly when they go on and on about the fundamental importance of family.

    Ferchrissakes, these assholes don’t make a living out of denying mass murderers the right to have a family. The worst kinds of criminals are free to marry even while sitting on most state’s “death row.” Nor are these people crusading to streamline the termination of parental rights of lunatics who consistently prove themselves demonstrably atrocious parents.

    Nope, they focus all their attacks on…nice people who happen to be gay.

    It takes religion to be this crazy.

  • Hyhybt

    It seems worth pointing out that “x is a contributing factor to y” is not the same as “x is y” or “x always leads to y.” It just means that y is more likely when x is true. Statistically, it may well be true that children with single parents are more likely to be abused.

    That doesn’t, of course, mean his motives for insisting this be pointed out this way are benevolent, or even honest.

  • Crysta Lynn

    Its all about the paper trail here… They are slowly building up little things here and there, so someday they can pull out something bigger, pull the pieces together and leave us wondering how the hell they got that disgusting law passed!

    Note: not my views, just what I’ve seen them pushing

    Unmarried parents are bad!
    Gays are evil!
    Gays are pedophiles!
    Gays can make their kids gay!

    Think how those alone could be pulled together to make one really nasty bill (that COULD get children pulled from “evil gay indoctrination cult” families)

  • Harmony

    I think bigots shouldn’t be able to breed, let alone raise children. Perpetuated hatred is what makes this world filled with war and violence. Tolerance is the only true free way.

  • Queer Supremacist

    Goddamn, these fucking breeder goy heretics make me sick to my stomach.

    We need to start taking kids out of their homes and deprogramming them. It was good enough for the Moonies.

  • Gay guy from New York

    Actually, at least we know what these people are. GOPers who pretend to be moderate are a bigger threat, precisely because they PRETEND to be moderate but aren’t really.

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