WI Lt. Gov Hopeful Rebecca Kleefisch: Gay Marriage Leads To Dog Marriage, But I’m Not Being Insensitive

It’s unclear whether her faith or belief in fiscal responsibility are the bigger reason Wisconsin lieutenant governor candidate Rebecca Kleefisch, the running mate of Republican Scott Walker, supports the state’s gay marriage ban, but she sure talks a good game. In an interview with a radio station, she told listeners: “This is a slippery slope. In addition to that at what point are we going to be okay marrying inanimate objects? Can I marry this table or this, you know, clock? Can we marry dogs? This is ridiculous, and biblically, again, I’m going to go right back to my fundamental Christian beliefs marriage is between one man and one woman.” But that was totally taken out of context!

Speaking to students at the University of Wisconsin-Waukesha, she insists, “I was talking about the slippery slope and what we would have to do in legislation in order to define and redefine and keep defining what marriage is. If I sounded insensitive, that’s wrong.”

So to recap: Kleefisch, whose campaign hasn’t focused on LGBT equality much at all, doesn’t want to have to legalize same-sex marriage because it’s very expensive, and because of all the clauses lawmakers would have to insert to prevent men and women from getting hitched to the devices that wake them up in the morning. [Fox 6 Now]

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  • ewe

    Everyone in this country needs to make that CUNT defend her stupid ignorant comments. She should be put on the defensive immediately. She is the ONLY one who needs to answer that type of irrational rant. Dumb fuck. She is an insulting twat who should have a microphone stuck in her ugly face until she says her statement is because her god told her so. Then we can send her back into her 1910 kitchen.

  • ewe

    Following her logic then straight people will be marrying cats.

  • hf2hvit

    Fucking her would be the same as fucking a dog–but why insult dogs?

  • ewe

    It’s a good thing that shit like her do not live near me because i would be arrested and serve her a subpoena and question her as my witness at the trial when i plead not guilty.

  • REG

    Gotta love it when some idiot prefaces their “argument” with “this is a slippery slope.” Thanks, I wasn’t sure if what you were about to say would be an informal logical fallacy, so thanks for clearing up that uncertainty. Dummy.

  • Sug Night

    There is a poodle next door I’ve had my eye on….


    Its so damm weird that the straight folks always seem to be wanting to discuss diddling things than other people……

    Never once in this whole marriage drama, have I seen a Gay person express a desire to marry anything or anyone other than another Gay person………

    And would someone pretty pleeeezzze ‘splain to me why all these rightwing nutbag lunatic lady candidates all look like they are rejects from the cast of The Stepford Wives?????


  • Latebrosus

    To halt this particularly favored “slippery slope” touted by wingnuts, simply apply brakes known as “consent.”

  • T

    I find it more disturbing she equates Human rights with beasts. I and my rights are not less than Human. The only slippery slope I see is the one named morality, that she is standing on.

  • Vman455

    I took some Benadryl the other night before going to bed. I guess I shouldn’t have done that, because next thing I know, I’ll be smoking weed! And after that I’ll probably find myself shooting heroin, and who knows after that, maybe methamphetamines.

    Do I sound insane? As insane as her?

  • Geoff B

    No, she’s not being insensitive, she’s being an ignorant twat. All bullshit aside, yes, there is that one little quote in the Bible against homosexuality. There is also quotes about how you should’nt eat shellfish, how you should kill your child for being defiant, and how you’re not supposed to wear cotton-poly blends or some such shit. So I would say to these “Christians”, unless you’re not eating shrimp and lobster,unless you’re willing to off your kid for being a smart-ass, and unless you’re only wearing cotton, kindly shut the fuck up and mind your own fucking business. Thank you and God bless.

  • ewe

    @Geoff B: There is no bible quote against homosexuality. Even if it was, who gives a fuck? The tire freagin antiguity occurred 2000 years ago. I am not going to ride a donkey to work either. When anyone quotes “man not lay with man” it is not about men or women, it is about promiscuity because the point is to love instead of use someone selfishly. Anyone! It has nothing to do with a specific gender. Women were considered man just the same as women are included in the word MANKIND that we use today. Jesus christ, i am sick of these stupid fucking shitheads getting so much fucking attention.

  • ewe

    Mankind? Womenevil? Oh now i know why the Burka is forced upon females. These people are just plain DUMB. They are beneath all of us.

  • the crustybastard

    FACT: Marriage is widely regarded as a social good because the legal security that arises from the civil contract induces mutual responsibility within a couple who enjoys a favored legal status.

    GAYS: We agree and think we’re entitled to equal legal security and benefits.

    KLEEFISCH: UR like animals, NO WAI! lol.

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