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Wife catches husband texting “random guy” about Lady Gaga, wonders if he might be gay

A woman says she caught her husband texting with another man about Lady Gaga and now she’s convinced he might be gay, so she’s writing to advice columnist Dear Deidre for help.

“My husband’s been messaging a random guy,” the 39-year-old wife begins. “When I asked about him he insisted it was innocent. He said they were talking about Lady Gaga as they are both fans and offered to show me the messages to prove it.”

The woman continues, “My husband says it is sad I have such little faith in him and he doesn’t know how I can expect him not to talk to anyone. I replied that I don’t think it’s OK for him to start randomly messaging a gay guy.”

Now, she wonders: “Am I being over-sensitive and overreacting?”

Deidre keeps the response very short and to-the-point, writing, “Since he is openly texting this guy in front of you, then you don’t have anything to worry about.”

She adds, “You are the one he loves and that he wants to be with you. It’s your own insecurities causing the problem.”

Then she encourages the distressed woman to learn “how to deal with your insecurities more positively.”

Our advice: Maybe this woman should consider taking her husband to a Lady Gaga show?

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