‘Wild’ Firefighter’s Re-Release

Want to own a piece of steamy NY fire fighter Michael Biserta? Now you can. Well, in video form, at least.

Mantra Films, which distributed Boys Gone Wild video in which Biserta made good use of his massive penis, will rerelease the infamous, scandalous video:

New York firefighter and calendar cover boy Michael Biserta inspired more than lust with his trouserless turn in “Guys Gone Wild.” The vid’s distributor, Mantra Films, announced yesterday they’d do a special release with 10% of profits going to the FDNY. But FDNY officials said they wouldn’t accept the money.

They’re willing to collect about $150,000 off of their now canceled calendars, but won’t take a bit of dick dough? Would they rather make their own video? We’re sure some of those other men got something to shake, flop and wrap, too.

Check out Biserta’s video here!