A Not-So-Investigative Report

Will A Good Man Help Queen Latifah?


Queen Latifah may want to squash those lesbian wedding rumors, but the flames got fanned on today’s The View.

The girls were having a nice chat about Latifah’s Merry Christmas necessities: food, football, family and fun. Sherri Shepard – the comedienne whose world history leaves a lot to be desired – goes on to add, “A good man wouldn’t help”. She flubbed, of course, and meant to say, “A good man wouldn’t hurt”.

If you listen closely to Shepard’s correction, you’ll hear Whoopi Goldberg’s distinct voice: “A good man wouldn’t help.” Is this simply an expression of Goldberg’s radical feminist ideology or an indication of Latifah’s long-suppressed lesbianism? You be the judge…

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  • beefy

    in either case, it leads me to the same conclusion… sherri shepard needs a kick in the box.

  • Meeg

    I don’t Whoopi would do the Queen like that, she was probably just dissing males in general.
    I was really happy for the Queen when I heard the engagement rumor, its sad if its not true.

  • todd

    What does this idiot Shepard contribute? If I wanted to know the opinions of stupid people, I would take lunchtime polls at the Walmart checkout lines.

  • killervirgo

    What I heard Whoopi say: “Or it wouldn’t hurt anything, too.”

  • John

    Why don’t Whoopi and Latifah just hook up and get it over with!

  • Dave

    Fuck Queen Latifah and all the other closeted homo celebs. The “Queen” is not fooling anyone, she is more butch than Tony Saprano, and probaly has a bigger dick to boot!

  • liltoomuch

    As for the view the show as a whole does not serve a purpose, it is just entertainment….and all host they have fit the bill. As for queen being gay, I pray it is not true……God did not intend for it to be that way…..and the gentleman that stated she was more butch than the saprano’s; probably looks like a man but is built like a woman.

  • hisurfer

    “More butch than Tony Soprano” is a compliment, right? Straight or Gay, friends who see her at the gym say the Queen works out hard like the big boys.

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