A Not-So-Investigative Report

Will A Good Man Help Queen Latifah?


Queen Latifah may want to squash those lesbian wedding rumors, but the flames got fanned on today’s The View.

The girls were having a nice chat about Latifah’s Merry Christmas necessities: food, football, family and fun. Sherri Shepard – the comedienne whose world history leaves a lot to be desired – goes on to add, “A good man wouldn’t help”. She flubbed, of course, and meant to say, “A good man wouldn’t hurt”.

If you listen closely to Shepard’s correction, you’ll hear Whoopi Goldberg’s distinct voice: “A good man wouldn’t help.” Is this simply an expression of Goldberg’s radical feminist ideology or an indication of Latifah’s long-suppressed lesbianism? You be the judge…