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Will A High School’s ‘Opposite Gender Day’ Mock Trans Students, Or Give Heteros A Chance to Play Queer?

Jackson High School’s homecoming week event “Opposite Gender Day” will not be canceled despite one transgender local resident of the Michigan town — who was fired by a local university after coming out as trans — claiming the event will mock people like her. “I think it demeans students that may be wrestling with issues of gender identity and puts them at risk,” says Julie Nemecek (pictured), whom a possibly-trans high school student reached out to. “They’re already at greater risk — bullying, the suicide rate is very high because of intolerance either at home or school.” True! But also, is something like Opposite Gender Day also a chance for young people to actually break out of their own gender norms, so masc jocks can put on heels and act out their inner Mean Girl? That actually sounds … progressive! Also: Ripe for awful and offensive stereotyping!