Will Alan Ball’s New Series, “Banshee,” Be Another “True Blood”?

On January 11, Cinemax debuts Banshee, the new premium-cable series from out producer Alan Ball, who also brought us Six Feet Under and True Blood.

The show stars Antony Starr (Rush) as Lucas Hood, a master thief who assumes the identity of the sheriff of rural Banshee, Pennsylvania. He might have sworn to uphold the law, but Lucas is still keeping at his criminal activities.

Ball says he decided to get involved because of the complex characters that creators Jonathan Tropper and David Schickler had dreamed up. “The town of Banshee itself had just as complex a history: Mythic small-town America… original tribal lands of the Kinaho Indians… new-world home to the old-world ways of the Pennsylvania Dutch. Drug dealers. Neo-Nazi skinheads. Ukrainian gangsters. Dumb rednecks. Bad-ass Asian cross-dressers,” says Ball. “Your typical pastoral American town with a dark, seedy underbelly of sex and violence and greed and impossible love.”

A Cinemax spokseperson says Job, the aforementioned “cross-dresser” uses his savvy to keep Lucas out of harm’s way. Played by actor hoon Lee, “he’s got a sharp tongue and a quick wit—kind of like Banshee’s answer to Lafayette from True Blood,” says the network. “Job starts the series in dark, heavy make-up and draping dresses, but as events force him on the road he struggles with changing his look to blend in with his surroundings.”


Banshee debuts on Cinemax on January 11 at 10pm.