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Will Americans Intervene When They See Pretend Anti-Gay Bullies?

What Would You Do?, ABC’s pornographic take on how humans behave when they don’t think anybody is looking, should never really surprise anyone. Some of us are jerks! Some of us are meek! Some of us are willing to stand up and attempt to wrong a right! We learned this in May when an actor playing a homophobic restaurant server waiting on a gay family was sometimes confronted and sometimes ignored by neighboring diners. And on tonight’s episode, we’ll learn what happens when average Joes witness anti-gay bullying.

The prescient program — which had teenage actors playing both bullies and victims on a boardwalk in Long Beach, N.Y. — arrives just as First Lady Michelle Obama got done telling America today that adults need to teach their kids this type of behavior isn’t just inexcusable, it’s intolerable.

Not surprisingly, the regular response from passers-by who don’t intervene: they didn’t think it was their business. It’s all of ours.