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Will Andy Cohen’s All-Gay Bravo Reality Show Be Any Less Irritating Than A-List: New York?

Having missed his chance to own the “gay housewives” reality space, Bravo’s chief gay Andy Cohen — who’s preparing to test out a five-nights-a-week Watch What Happens Live — is putting together his A-List: New York killer. The pitch? It’s not going to feature some low-level gays, but true A-gays. And he already has a cast lined up.

Gatecrasher reports Factory PR founder Mark Silver, book publicist Kenneth Gillett, interior designer Jordan Carlyle, fashion showroom owner Joey Giuntoli, and Penguin designer and nightlife promoter Kristopher Haigh are all on board for the new show, but have all been warned to STFU about it or they risk being canned.

But is there really anything different between that crop of gays and Reichen Lehmkuhl, Rodiney Santiago, Mike Ruiz, Austin Armacost, Derek Lloyd Saathoff, and Ryan Nickulas? Yes, perhaps (i.e. money, status, respect). But to viewers, these things don’t matter. That’s how a bunch of women from New Jersey tricked America into thinking they’re a bunch of rich housewives, when most of them are in debt up to their hair extensions.

Tragically, the show’s working title is From the Bottom to the Top, an awful play on sex words that’s more camp than gauche, which is what this show will inevitably turn into. Why Cohen wouldn’t extend the Real Housewives brand for Househusbands isn’t clear, but Bravo’s original idea for an all-gay cast — which apparently existed before LOGO’s A-List project — was to focus on men who act as arm candy to more fabulous ladies. (And then along came Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys, ba-dum-bum.)

Now everyone pat themselves on the back, because this is what we’ve all been working toward: the level of mainstream acceptance that demands our own tragic reality shows with semi-scripted drama.