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Will Beau Breedlove’s Sam Adams Affair Memoir Be the Gay Erotica America Needs Right Now?


It’s not going to sell as well as Elizabeth Edwards post-affair scandal sheet, but we’ve got high hopes for Beau Breedlove’s forthcoming memoir, where he’ll lay thick all the gritty details of his affair with Portland Mayor Sam Adams. If only we could get non-gays to care!

Well, non-gays and non-Oregonians. Despite the local press coverage and that non-frontal Unzipped spread, the Adams-Breedlove story wasn’t actually that big of a media phenomenon. Blame the kids gloves the mainstream media treated the gay sex scandal with. Or, you know, that it was merely a mayor getting his rocks off with a teenager.

But don’t think we’re going to just read about the sordid details of what it takes to seduce a public official (or rather, what it takes to seduce a young intern). “In addition, the book will cover a broader look at people who have been in similar situations to mine, and how stereotypes both play into the media attention as well as are used as tools against victims,” says Breedlove. “This book is a memoir, and an insight into the change that the GLBTQ community needs to see in the way we are portrayed and represented.”

Wait. What does Breedlove know about how the GLBTQ community should be portrayed and represented?

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