Will Bradley Manning Ever Be Considered A Human Rights Hero?

When Glenn Greenwald called the American detainment of Army Pvt. Bradley Manning, the accused WikiLeaks source, “torture,” the Pentagon promptly responded that claim was ridiculous. But David House’s visit to the Virginia Marine brig where Manning is being held reveals Greenwald’s assertions are pretty spot on: Not only are the claims of being limited to news reports accurate (Manning says he’s not allowed to read newspapers, which seems to be the least of his problems), but his 23 hours of confinement are relaxed during his single hour of daily “exercise” (walking around in a room by himself), and his sleeping conditions (he must wear boxers only, and his blankets have the texture of carpet and the weight of X-ray protective aprons) noxious. House, a friend of Manning, concludes he “is subjected to restrictions far beyond the minimum right of other ‘maximum custody’ prisoners held in the same brig.” As House reminds readers, “Manning is in prison for allegedly uncovering human rights abuses in the course of his duty.” And now this: The United Nations is investigating Manning’s treatment.

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