Will Bryan Singer Take The Web Series To The Next Level With The Sci-Fi Thriller H+?

Out director Bryan Singer helped introduce Ian McKellen to contemporary American audiences with Apt Pupil, revolutionized the superhero-movie genre with X-Men and gave pop culture a new catch phrase with The Usual Suspects. Now he’s set to make history again with H+, a new sci-fi series that may finally get people watching web-based TV shows on a grand scale.

Premiering August 8 on YouTube, H+ is a unsettling look at an all-to-possible future, where a technological glitch shorts out the Internet connections in our brains (you know it’s coming) and kills a third of the world’s population. Singer is producing the series—which comes from creators John Cabrera and Cosimo De Tommaso—and gay filmmaker Stewart Hendler (Sorority Row) is directing.

That alone gives it a shot: You know how us queens are always trendsetters.

But according to advance press, the show will be teased out in three-to-six minute mini-sodes, and will be immersive—with key elements popping up on Facebook and other social media. We’re all watching our entertainment online already, be it Netflix, Hulu or Vimeo. And buzzworthy shows like The Outs have shown us gays that quality productions came come via our lattops or tablets. So it’s possible H+ could  be the show that tips the balance and gets us off the network-schedule module for good.

What a brave new world that will be.