Will Camille Paglia Watch The Documentary Where Chaz Bono “Mutilates” His Body?

This May, the Oprah Winfrey Network will air Becoming Chaz a documentary about Chaz Bono’s transformation from a biological female body to a male one. It seems like a quality flick, but considering the recent comments of openly lesbian “dissident feminist” thinker Camille Paglia, we have a feeling she won’t approve of it. As a cis-gendered academic, she knows all about gender reassignment. In fact, she once thought she was born into the wrong gender as well, but it was just a phase. And had gender reassignment surgery been a socially accepted option in the 60s, why (gasp!) she might have had one herself! What else does this staggering mind of cis-gender intellect have to say about Chaz? Let’s see…

Through her natural gift of clairvoyance Ms. Paglia knows that Chaz’s unhappiness has nothing to do with wanting a sex change. She’s also worried that the film will influence kids who feel born in the wrong gender to consider getting one too. After all making films about your trans experience makes it seem hip and cool to all the kids who watch the Oprah Winfrey Network.

Ahem, sorry to whiz in your ivory tower Camile, but it’s not like hospitals have drive-thrus where you can just order a bunch of hormones and a sex change like a value meal. Many GRS candidates go through counseling to ensure the surgery is right for them and even then it’s a long process involving a gradual change and hormone therapy. Also Chaz was no kid when he decided to transition—he was 39.

Yes it’s unfair of us to judge Ms. Paglia’s views on this issue through a 54 second video. Just as it’s also unfair of her to assume she knows all about Chaz and his motivations. But Paglia sure didn’t become a controversial intellectual just by handing out warm fuzzies to everyone, did she?