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Will Carrie Prejean Be Popping Up During Sunday’s Miss California Pageant?


So the 30-seconds of airtime that Equality California scored during the Miss California USA pageant? It was free! That’s great news, particularly because the ad, while thoughtful, is an absolute waste when it comes to social politics. What’s worse: The pageant also offered Carrie Prejean, the former reigning Miss California USA, her own free 30-seconds of commercial time during Sunday’s broadcast.

And while the National Organization for Marriage — an expert in damaging, misinformed ads — has distanced itself from Prejean following her sex tape scandal(s), certainly the pageant contestant-cum-book author has learned a trick or two about effective marketing messages.

Curiously, the “30-seconds free” offer comes from Keith Lewis, the gay producer of the pageant, who until this month was embroiled in lawsuits with Prejean.