Will Dan Choi Successfully Stare Down The White House’s Protest Charges?

In 1917, suffragette Alice Paul faced federal charges in court for picketing the White House. She was the last person to ever face such charges in court, until 2009. Then came Dan Choi. He got charged for chaining himself to the White House fence during a 2010 DADT protest. And today he’s still the lone individual still facing charges in court from that protest. The 12 other arrestees accepted an agreement to avoid a trial. So why has Choi decided to stay in court for his August 29th appearance?

One reason Choi has decided to see this through is to stay in the media spotlight and continue his high-profile momentum as a honorable soldier fighting against DADT and institutionalized homophobia. But on a larger point, Choi sees this as a First Amendment and Free Speech issue. He wants the White House to prosecute his right to free speech and for them to lose so he can emerge as a legitimate challenger to its power. And you know what? Having a young Korean-American fill that role would be pretty awesome.

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  • Cam

    Cue HRC’s interns to come in here ans start floating rumors and attacks about Choi.

  • Ted B. (Charging Rhino)

    Was he in full uniform at the time…or just wearing a fake uniform?

  • nowliveit

    I honor and respect Dan Choi for having the strength of his convictions and for being willing to put his life on the line for our future rights.
    Thank you, sir.

  • Queer Supremacist

    Dan Choi is an American hero. He’s the closest thing we’ve ever had to another Harvey Milk.

  • Spike

    He’ll do what whatever he can to keep getting invited back on The Rachel Maddox Show. Not really sure how/why chaining oneself to the White House gates directly applies to The First Amendment and free speech, just seems like a rather tired photo op.

    Just a matter of time before this guy is on Logo’s A-List, Season 4, complaining about something.

  • nowliveit

    @Spike: Spike, Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed today? How much war have you faced? How many times have you found a way to get the media and the power-makers’ attention in order to help a few million people gain their rights?

  • observer

    This queen is beginning to look more like that of an opportunist than a crusader. I mean really, there are enough problems here in the U.S. without having to conquer Russia as well.

    Dan, dear. Look down the road and ask yourself what if that light at the end of the tunnel were another train heading strait for you at full speed.

  • Hector

    Miss Choi needs to go sit down somewhere.Things are getting better and not because of her.

  • Spike

    @nowliveit: Bless your heart. All I need reference is the previous comment by Hector in response to your minor little over generalization that Dan Choi (who is quickly becoming the Gloria Allred of the gay DADT issue, ie media whore) has somehow had something to do with helping a few million people gain their rights.

  • Mick

    Im gay. Gays want equal opportunity to kill and oppress for U.S. imperialism like everyone else. F*** the troops.

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