Will Davey Wavey + Matt Maggiacomo Be Your Next Amazing Race Gays?

Back in June, Davey Wavey met up with OurSceneTV host Matt Maggiacomo during a NYC visit. It was, as we’ve since learned, a prelude to a bathhouse visit. But that wasn’t the only thing they filmed together. The gay shirtless twosome also taped an Amazing Race casting reel, apparently, and sent it off to the show. Now producers of the CBS series — currently airing its “all star” season with former Jerry Falwell ghost writing gay Mel White and his bisexual son Mike White — have called him back for some follow up Qs. Does this mean Davey & Matt will be battling to be the next Reichen & Chip (minus the whole “being married” thing)? Not quite. Casting folks are fickle. But while Davey says some of his creature habits (going to bed at 9pm) will make him a terrible contestant, something tells me his clothing phobia will pair nicely with reality cameras.

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  • Soupy

    It’s my favourite show. But I could not watch if he was on it.

  • RomanHans

    Now Queerty, don’t take this the wrong way, but Amazing Race sticks to people who are interesting.

  • Thom Freeheart

    Davy can be annoying, but I like him most of the time. However I am in LOVE with Magic Homo and I would love to watch him on AR every week.

  • alan brickman

    I say go for it! Davey would be awesome! Bring back morning goods too!

  • Isaak

    Haha awesome

  • Kyle

    What’s happening to his hairline?

  • Jeffree

    @Kyle: thanks for pointing that out—the Wavey Diva’s hairline sure looks it’s going through a “recession” there. Roids, do ya think??

  • Kamikapse

    His face ruins it for me

  • divkid

    it’s beneath my dignity to comment on this tool.

    btw this wasn’t me.


  • divkid

    what does he DO? what is the purpose of his films? seriously, snark aside why is he on here?
    is it self-publicity for its own sake? vanity project? or some post-modern warholian thing?

  • divkid

    apart from anything else the guy is tasteless, as can be attested from his interior decor, and woeful taste in art — a stoning offence in the book of ‘mo.

    which all goes to prove: THIS GUY CAN TEACH US NOTHING.

  • Spike

    That would be hilarious, esp when they send them to the antarctic and he refuses to put on a shirt and his nipples freeze and fall off.

  • TheInsider

    SOOOOOO desperate to be on TV and be famous. Guess his whole “spirituality” bs is not cutting it any more. No more illusions, other than fame, is what he seeks. Sad, ugly, little man.

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