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Will Elizabeth Taylor’s Main Gay Jason Winters Inherit Her Fortune?

The Westboro Baptist Church really should have made a better effort to show up at Elizabeth Taylor’s funeral: their “god hates fags” signs would have been such great symbols of irony upon learning Taylor’s gay manager Jason Winters might be the late dame’s biggest beneficiary. How can god hate fags when he bestows them with so much wealth?

The Daily Mail reports on what may happen to Taylor’s gobs of wealth:

Now that she has gone, the focus falls on the man on whom she relied in her final years, Jason Winters. She was so close to Winters — tall, handsome and 28 years her junior — that there was repeated speculation that he was to become the eighth Mr Elizabeth Taylor. The gossip about what would have been a ninth nuptials (she married Burton twice) made her laugh because Winters runs a talent agency with his partner Erik Sterling. He is said by associates to be ‘100 per cent gay’.

He may yet, though, be the heir to her fortune — estimated at £360?million, which he will administer via a trust to her Aids charity. They met via her work for Aids victims in the late 1990s and their friendship blossomed. She took several holidays at his home in Hawaii. Her four children — Michael and Christopher Wilding, Lisa Todd and Maria Burton — believe that he will get her cash when the will is read, which could be next week. Taylor’s children were said to be at odds last year fighting over the expected spoils.
How extraordinary it will be if Winters is the one who gets to distribute the diamonds now that she has gone.

It was he who helped her out of the decline after the end of her last marriage to Larry Fortensky. Following divorce from Fortensky in 1996, Taylor slumped into a severe depression, becoming agoraphobic and barely leaving her house. She suffered near fatal viral pneumonia, a crushed spinal disc and meningitis. In 1997, she had surgery to remove a benign brain tumour. Under Winters’ influence, she began to dye her white hair black again, and started a social revival of sorts. Over the next few years, she made grand appearances at events such as Liza Minnelli’s wedding to David Gest in 2002 and Elton John’s Oscars party in 2005. The next year, she donned a snorkel and went swimming with sharks in Hawaii while on holiday with Winters. Gossip columnists were told that she was ‘madly in love’ with Winters and that he felt the same way. Of course it wasn’t true, but it seems that Taylor did genuinely love his company and was using the idea of a marriage to gauge interest in reviving her acting career.

Winters was Taylor’s red carpet arm candy, her confidante, and her most trusted adviser. So please, Mr. Winters, give at least fifty mil in her stash of jewels to the world’s drag queens.