Will Exodus International’s iPhone App Get Updated To Include A Grindr For Ex-Gays?

Exodus International, the world leader in targeting children, is making good on its new “Simplify, Amplify and Intensify” mantra with the release of its iPhone app. Ooh, a new alternative to Angry Birds to squirrel away my time on the train!

The app, which doesn’t require downloaders to verify their age, offers exciting things like an event calendar, Exodus videos, and a built-in link to its Facebook page. Ex-gays, always so rudimentary! But alas, just like the Manhattan Declaration iPhone app, Exodus’ software program is really just a gateway for gay kids and adults to find a way to hate themselves, but with a fun new technology!

Of course, even if Apple decides to ban Alan Chambers’ malware program, there are still hundreds of other apps out there preaching homophobia. And if the Exodus app sticks around? Well then at least update this thing with fancy new gizmos, fellas! Where’s the ex-gay friend finder, which tracks down fellow former homosexuals nearby? Why isn’t there a newsreader picking up feeds from World Net Daily, CBN, and Focus On The Family? And for the love of god, come up with a photo filter than changes “gay face” into “straight face.”

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  • Lvng1tor


    There really is no reason why Exodus shouldn’t be able to have an app. I don’t like Exodus and I think they are full of it but they have a right to exist.

    We can’t keep demanding our basic rights and freedoms while trying to actively shut others down.

    I gave OWN feedback. “LIsa Ling once again gave a fair and balanced story. I’m consistently impressed by her ability to simply tell the story while not actively endorsing or condemning. As a confident out gay man I found found parts immensely hard to watch I never felt as if I was being swayed in any direction…just informed.”

  • justiceontherocks

    @David: What do we care if they have an IPhone App? Should we stop them from having a web site too? You don’t defeat ignorance by preventing people from saying dumb bigoted things. You defeat it by letting them say dumb ignorant things.

    Besides, there six zillion IPhone Apps. Good luck finding any of them you don’t want to see.

  • Anna C

    Apple should take it down. @Lvng1tor this isn’t about freedom of speech, it’s about protecting kids. About a year ago I met a 14 yo boy on my college campus. He was with a traveling group preaching for abstinence. He told me he had “walked away from the gay lifestyle.” Imagine being 14 and traveling around the country with a group of people who were using you as an example of being an ex-gay. This is what they were doing. They were telling him to watch closely so he could learn from my conversation with another one of the guys about gays. I’ve heard people mention well if this is taken away won’t that give other people the right to take down gay apps which are deemed offensive too – no because anti-Christian apps in my opinion wouldn’t lead to more kids killing themselves or living lives which are continually depressing. There is a really big difference between the two. Gay kids especially often do not have the luxuries that out gay men and lesbians do – they are forced to live in whatever environment they were born into. I have known quite a few people that did not have the luxury of a supportive community. So as a confident out gay man please accept that we all come from different backgrounds and experiences. Sometimes people need to be protected in any way they can be.

  • Shannon1981

    go to change.org and sign the petition. This is disgraceful and bigoted.

  • B

    Note to QUEERTY: the program was not shown to be malware. The term “malware” refers to programs designed to damage your computer or operating system, steal personal information, etc. It is not properly used to describe a program that you simply do not like.

    If it raided your address book, and sent messages to everyone containing all the “gay” sites you looked at, it would qualify as malware.

  • Mattybear

    Not sure it should be taken down. I feel that those who try, are just trying to vent their outrage at exodus. The information provided is useful, so that we know what the “enemy” is doing. But maybe take that outrage and channel it into something productive.

    Try sites like
    VolunteerMatch, http://www.volunteermatch.org

    Network for Good: http://www1.networkforgood.org/for-donors/volunteer

    Not endorsing either site, just results of a quick Google search.

  • Mattybear

    About my above comment. I only said that because sometimes we get wrapped up in things, like trying to force Apple to remove the app. Instead of really helping lgbt kids by making all of our lives better.

    We thump our chests and yell “remove the app!” Apple does and then we congratulate ourselves and do nothing else. Exodus will only come back with something else next week. Why not help make exodus go away by making the world a better place for the lgbt community.

  • Chris M.

    I am a survivor of Exodus. It should be noted that Apple bans apps from the KKK, Neo-Nazis, etc, if it is offensive to people because of who they are. Exodus is not much different than the mentioned groups. They might be gentler in the US when in the light of media, but there are far more evil and do far more damage to the lives of LGBT, especially LGBT children. They campaigned in Uganda for the anti-gay bill to pass, while passing out there flyers that they can “change” a persons sexual orientation “for a price.” They are nothing more than an industry that feeds off of the misery and suffering they create with their zealous right wing community.

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