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Will Fabulous Beekman Boys Brent + Josh’s Relationship Survive Their Cheese Challenges?

If a pig slaughter can’t bring Josh and Brent closer together, can Martha Stewart? The Fabulous Beekman Boys are at the breaking point and you should be concerned their relationship won’t be able to survive!

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Sure, last night’s episode was about how the Beekman manse is supposedly haunted, but the real meat is how, with Brent upstate tending to the farm and Josh in the city earning them some cash, their relationship is suffering. Josh hates it! Brent tells him to suck it up! Martha Stewart doesn’t seem to know there’s trouble in farmadise!

And while we know things work out — or at least that Brent and Josh remain together — since this footage was taped many months ago and these two remain coupled (in both business and pleasure), it’s sort of refreshing to see two gay guys deal with problems that don’t include the words “open relationship” or “HIV scare.”

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  • Cam

    I watched the show and I have to say that after a few episodes I just couldn’t take it anymore, loyalty to gay programing aside. Josh is a horribly irritating person, pick pick pick, demand, demand, demand, he never cracks a smile, constantly complaining…I’m not really sure why they bother to stay together unless the show is purposely editing out any scenes that actually show them being somewhat couple like. They seem like two sisters who hate each other who were left a farm by their dead parents and are trying to run it together without killing each other.

  • Adam

    Yeah, totally fucking annoying.

  • RJ


    I do think editing works in that way. With all the bickering and fighting they seem to do on camera, they must have some wonderful breakup sex.

    Given that the show was filmed last year and they’re now in Autumn, it is apparent that they are still together as a couple. I think the supposed year of hell was exactly that. I grew up near the Beekman. Maybe I’ll stop by the next time I go to my hometown.

  • jimstoic

    I like the show, and they are both likeable in their own ways, but it’s hard to see why they stay together. I certainly wouldn’t stay in a relationship with that much arguing. But maybe that’s because my parents communicated in much the same way that Brent and Josh do, but louder. I tweeted once that I thought their conflicts were contrived, and that if they weren’t, they should split up. Josh responded “No & no :)”. I guess that doesn’t prove anything. If they are happy whining and arguing, then they should stay together!

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    Come on guys it’s TV!

  • L.

    Davey, Bryanboy, Beekman…

    Are these paid advertisements (which is of course absolutely fine, just label them as such) or does Queerty think we’re too stupid to bookmark sites we are interested in?

  • boredwell

    Judge Judy should sort out these two.

  • Dan Demianiw

    Hi There beekman boys,
    This questions is for why are you hard on josh so much? I think
    that josh is a great guy works very hard to unstand were brent’s
    coming from. Dan

  • Rich

    @Cam: I think you mean Brent, not Josh.

  • Cam


    Hi Rich, you may be right. If Brent is the Dark haired one that worked for MArtha Stewart, then yes, I meant Brent, and my apologies to Josh.

  • UNcontrolFreak

    I cannot stand the pretentious, controlling dweeb of a ‘man’ Brent. Can you tell he makes me ill. I cannot fathom why anyone (Josh) would sacrifice their happiness to stay with such a controlling a$$hole.

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