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  • Dubwise

    nice and fuzzy.

  • Ray

    if anyone calls him anorexic i’ll scream…

  • shaun

    this is the kind of stuff that is lacking in “Morning Goods”

  • Darth Paul

    ^^Shaun is SO right!

  • dvlaries

    Voting with Shaun and Darth Paul on THAT point!


    I have to agree. This is what morning goods should be. Will is HOT

  • L

    Yum Yum

  • lessthan

    hahaha, BR, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you like a photo shoot here. There seems to always be something wrong with them.

  • Tony9978

    The man is gorgeous! However, his package seems nonexistent, or severely minimal. I could learn to cope though.

  • Dougieboy

    My man is furry and his package is fine. Will can pose in my home anytime.

  • Evan

    Soooo incredibly HOT!!!!

  • Miles

    His bod is gorgeous, the fur is divine, but the tatts… YUCK! Why do gorgeous men insist on defacing/mutilating themselves with tattoos? You’ll be an old man one day, and those tatts will be dated and even uglier than they are now…

  • getreal

    Thumbnails, thumbnails,thumbnails!!!!!!!! Hooray!! Very Sexy guy with body hair. Hooray!!

  • Liezil D

    I love looking at Will – he’s so clean…and yeah, in my view he is HOT HOT HOT!

  • Liezil D

    …even though he has hair on his chest and that wild tatt…who cares?

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