Will Gay Cross-Dressing, PDA, And Other Wedding Antics Help Our Anti-Gay Foes?

EDITOR’S NOTE: I accidentally posted a photo of a bearded bride with a copyright owned by TW Collins from Flickr. Under notification of said copyright, I removed the image and added additional comments to Mr. Collins below.

As we know, some gays didn’t like Dan Savage promoting honest, open-marriages as an alternative to monogamy because they fear it will “give ammo to our enemies” who say that gays wanna “redefine marriage.” OK then… does that same standard apply to the LGBT folks tying the knot this weekend? Should they avoid cross-dressing, over-done drag, and scenes of unabashed making out lest the anti-equality crowd republish these pictures and use them against us “destroying and disrespecting the institute of marriage”?

Though, we guess if they do that, we could always just post pictures of Newt Gingrich’s seventeen hundred wives and Britney Spears’ half-day groom and then ask their thoughts on those.

Image via QueerClick (NSFW)