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Will Gay Designers Like Zac Posen Stick By Target?

It’s not just all the gay customers who flock to Target to buy shabby chic microwaves and throw rugs. The retailer has profited off a number of gay designers as it lures in shoppers.

“Target is all about branding. You can get Goldfish crackers and Maybelline eyeshadow at Wal-Mart, but Target makes you feel special and somehow vaguely chic for buying said drugstore eyeshadow in its massive stores,” writes Andrew Harmon. “It can do so because of marketing tools like its fashion designer collaborations that are reliable generators of fawning press for the retailer. This evening my SSLA colleague Rakhee Bhatt and I counted numerous openly gay designers (and plenty of ostensibly gay designers) who have participated in Target designer projects over the past several seasons. Among them? Oh, merely Zac Posen, Jean Paul Gaultier, the late Alexander McQueen, and … well, scan the list of Target designer collaborations and you’ll get plenty of other mentions from the LGBT community.”

Have any of these gay designers come out against the company for trying to elect an anti-gay candidate? Oh let me just check Women’s Wear Daily and find out.

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