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Will Glenn Greenwald’s Crusade Against Elena Kagan Remain a 1-Man Show?

Last night’s The Rachel Maddow Show was the gayest piece of cable news programming we’ve seen in a while: Maddow, a lesbian, welcomed Salon scribe Glenn Greenwald, a gay man, to discuss Elena Kagan, the maybe-lesbian. What a lovely place to discuss whether it’s appropriate to brand Kagan as the Democrats’ Harriet Myers.

Maddow says the comparison of Kagan to Myers is not about the judicial qualifications of each, but about the “resistance from the base of the president’s own party” about the nominee. Greenwald is, no surprise, among those driving that dialogue.

(Following Greenwald’s appearance, Larry Lessig from Harvard Law School made the case for Kagan, and attacked Greenwald’s authority, which eloquently responds to here.)

Kagan voices the concerns plenty of progressives should have: Her “blank slate” on almost every meaningful issue “tell us very little about the kind of judge she would be,” says Greenwald. So far, however, Greenwald is among the few on the left so vocally going after Kagan; even Glenn Reynolds is supporting Kagan. His criticism is not enough to sink a Kagan nomination. But it’s getting the ball rolling.

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