Tip of the tongue

This will go down in history as the best/worst ‘Wheel of Fortune’ error ever

Sometimes something is right in front of your face — inches, centimeters — but you just… can’t… see it.

That’s the excuse this Wheel of Fortune contestant, Kevin, will likely adopt whenever someone asks him, “Man, so what happened?!”

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And he’d better get his answer straight, because Kevin will be fielding this question for years and years to come.

Watch below:

To Kevin’s credit, we would totally see a show called Streetcar Naked Desire.

Then Lisa — ole goody-two-shoes Lisa — went next and solved the puzzle, because of course she did.

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“Well, you got the right answer—I’d rather see Kevin’s play,” host Pat Sajak joked.

We have a feeling Tennessee Williams would find this all awfully amusing.