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Will Going Gay In J. Edgar Get Leonardo DiCaprio The Oscar He Keeps Losing?

The magic formula for any beautiful straight actor to win an Oscar is to go ugly or go gay. Charlize Theron. Sean Penn. And now, perhaps, Leonardo DiCaprio?

The actor, who’s been twice nominated for best actor Oscars (The Aviator, Blood Diamond) and once for best supporting (What’s Eating Gilbert Grape), is going gay in Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar, written by Dustin Lance Black. He’ll be smooching up on The Social Network‘s Armie Hammer, promises Black. “Yes, certainly there’s a relationship between these two guys,” says Black. “And it wouldn’t be a Dustin Lance Black script if it didn’t have a little gay kissing in it. So the answer is yes. … Those who want to see that will be pleased. I think it’s done in a very tender way, surprisingly.”

And while Black has previously said DiCaprio won’t be cross-dressing in the flick (because he found no evidence the late FBI director actually wore women’s clothing), he’s now playing the ambiguity card about the possibility (“I gotta’ leave something for you to buy a ticket for”). But for DiCaprio, the chance to play gay will undoubtedly show off the actor’s “range,” or whatever it is the Academy looks for when picking their winners.

With J. Edgar now filming and set to be released in 2012, we’ll have to wait until February 2013 to find out if going gay clinches Leo’s long-sought statue.

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  • Matt

    Leonardo DiCaprio is not straight.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Matt: besides that, only three times has the Best Actor Oscar gone to a guy playing gay: Hanks, Penn, and Hoffman. Statistcally he’d have a better chance playing a soldier or a cowboy.

  • Jes

    Leo has already played a gay (total eclipse) and he didn’t win.

  • Owen

    Leo is a bear chaser from way back, though I do believe he is bisexual in his pursuits. Female Models and/or gay male bears is apparently where he lives.

  • Oprah

    I am NOT going to watch it. J.Edgar Hoover was an ugly Shrek.How can Dicaprio ‘ugly’ himself up to play Hoover? Seriously–with that pretty,perfectly chiseld specimen of a face?It is impossible. He would not be believable, i dont care how talented he is or how hard he works at it.I suggest Kevin James play him. :(

  • Jeffree

    I could swear I’ve seen a photo of Hoover in a dress!

    @Oprah: Charlize Theron convincingly played a very ugly woman for that movie [was it Monster’s Ball? ugh, I forget] even though she’s beautiful. Great makeup & good acting can work wonders, even for (doughy, pasty face) DiCaprio.
    — — — — —
    It takes all tastes to make a world, but I think he was laughably *bad* in Titanic & that his head looks like a overcooked dumpling, lol.

  • Oprah

    My dear Jeffree–no amount of make up or creativity can come up with Hoovers large shrek neck, or and his nose. My goodness the mere thought of it, sends shivers down my booty.

  • Tom

    these Hollywood writers need a history lesson from qualified historians who studied Hoover. There are enough of documented sources to support the claim the Hoover was more of an occasional cross-dresser when he was drunk than a classic gay guy bonking men everywhere.

  • RR

    uh…..i’m sorry but i don’t think leo’s STRAIGHT! he’s supposed to be BI or GAY to most everyone i talk to in the hollywood circles and i live in LA. i hope not but that’s what everyone says that has worked with him on sets, etc… too bad… what a waste.

    in any regards, i love eastwood as a director and actor so maybe the movie will be good. i think he should have been nominated (eastwood) for that movie he recently made about living next to an asian family. that was an amazing movie but liberal hollywood couldn’t get it.

    i don’t think this will be the one for dicaprio if any of the are going to be the one. he’s just not popular with the academy voters. he’s supposed to be a pompous rude jerk in real life and that doesn’t help you get votes !

  • RR


    DUH~! :)

  • shaktishiva

    you guys should read marjorie garber’s visa versa…the social construct of gay/straight is more of a US past 50years concept

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