UPDATE: Gov. Brian Sandoval WILL Sign NV’s Trans-Equality Bills!

UPDATE (5/24 2:15 PM) – We have received confirmation that Governor Sandoval will sign the bills into law—hooray!

Yesterday evening the Nevada legislature passed two bills protecting the state’s transgender citizens in the areas of housing discrimination and public accommodations. Public accommodations protect Ts from discrimination in public transit, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, and bathrooms—a right excluded from Maryland’s contentious trans-equality bill this last April. These bills and a third addressing transgender employment non-discrimination would make Nevada the 14th U.S. state to provide protections based on gender identity or expression. But will republican Governor Brian Sandoval sign them into law?

Right now Nevada has civil unions not quite equal to marriage and Governor Sandoval has been consistently inconsistent on his support of gay rights, so it remains unclear whether he will sign or veto the bills. Perhaps you can persuade him by calling his Carson City office at (775) 684-5670 or his Las Vegas office at (702) 486-2500 and urging him to sign the three bills into law.

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