Will & Grace Creator Max Mutchnick Finds Obama’s Marriage Position “Wholly Offensive”

Joe Biden gave a rousing shout-out to Will & Grace when coming out on TV in support of marriage equality this Sunday morning.

The big announcement has set the tone for political commentary this week, with some commentators cynically saying it was a “calculated” political move to buy Obama some more time to evolve while throwing LGBT advocates a bone.

But while one of the creators of Will & Grace, Max Mutchnick (right), is happy with Biden’s endorsement, he has strong words for the President.

Mutchnick told Variety:

“[President Obama] needs to catch up with his vice president in terms of his views… I have always thought that his language, where he has stated that his views are ‘evolving,’ I personally find that wholly offensive. I can’t imagine what it would be like to say that about other minorities in the United States. I couldn’t speak that way about other people.”

Mutchnick is going a little hard on Obama here—he has said his views on same-sex marriage are evolving, not that his views on homosexual people as a group are evolving. What with the DADT repeal and his consistent personal support and hiring of gay people, Obama has always esteemed LGBTs with the same amount of respect he’s given to black people, Latino people, and, yes, good ol’ white people. Let’s not pretend the good sir has maligned our people. Far from it.

But, yes, we get Mutchnick’s point, and his impatience is mirrored in many prominent gay figures, including gay journalist Joe Sudbay, who got Obama on record as saying he was “evolving” on the marriage issue some 500 days ago, and radio host Michelangelo Signorile.

Mutchnick continued with a bit more nuance: “The reason I feel most offended by this is because I don’t believe the President believes this,” meaning that Obama actually does believe in gay marriage and actually doesn’t have to hesitate to reconcile it with his faith. “I don’t believe he is evolving. I believe he is a man seeking reelection, and he all but breaks it down into Morse code. The President should take a page from his friend Oprah Winfrey who takes a page from her friend Maya Angelou. ‘We do better when we know better.’ I believe the President knows better.”

The President may know better, but can we just let him know better in the first few days after his re-inauguration? Why make more of a wedge issue out of this in the lead-up to an election where the choice between a pro-gay president, one who should and almost unfailingly will push for federally recognized gay marriage within the next four years, and an anti-gay president couldn’t be more clear?

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  • Mark

    “and almost unfailingly will push for federally recognized gay marriage within the next four years”

    You’re so sure of that, aren’t you. Opposition to gay marriage is preferably framed as opposition only by white Christian based people. Do a poll of pro/con gay marriage from black churches. Then do one from Islamic based religious people. Then get back to me you’re SO SURE his position will stop “evolving”.

  • bystander

    “he has said his views on same-sex marriage are evolving, not that his views on homosexual people as a group are evolving”

    There’s a distinction that is only afforded to Democrat Presidents….

  • RLS

    Privileged white gay guy whines about Obama and compares himself to “other minorities.”


  • 1equalityUSA

    The Dems likely will not risk anything until at least 21 States have attained equality. Dems get to coerce our LGBT votes for a few more election cycles. If they embraced our effort now, while the risk exists, LGBT might stay with the progressive thinkers out of loyalty. If they embrace our effort later, when the risk is gone, resentment would likely have wealthier LGBT households bailing on the chickens for a more financially propitious party.

  • james

    I find Will & Grace Creator Max Mutchnick’s portrayal of gay stereotypes “Wholly Offensive”.

  • ScaryRussianHeather

    What is wholly offensive is that Obama and Democrats have LGBT citizens by the short hairs. If marriage equality were not such a serious single issue voter driver, he’d be screwed as far as the LGBT vote is concerned.

    I highly doubt the average informed LGBT voter would look forward to:

    – 4 more years of economic destruction,
    – growing citizen dependence on government distributed taxpayer money,
    – overreaching growing government regulations,
    – government food police who tell children their parents are abusing them with bad food choices even in their lunch boxes
    – anti-business rants
    – fascism such as targeting private citizens as “having less-than-reputable records.” & being “on the wrong side of the law” simply for donating to Romney
    – and the overall mission that this individual and his party have – to subvert the US constitution and change this country to another form of Europe – with the ridiculous notion that any government will provide for you from birth to death.

    Big government buys you tyranny and Obama’s betting that LGBT will be perfectly happy with a miserable government controlled society as long as there’s marriage equality. Short. Hairs.

  • QUINTessential

    Biden stated flat-out that Obama is not for gay marriage. “Evolving” is just code to convince people like Evan Mulvihill that he’ll do their bidding once he gets their vote. But what happens if he never “evolves” and leaves us standing at the alter?

    @Mark: Glad to see that someone on this planet besides me acknowledges that minorities are much more likely to hold anti-gay prejudices than are their eeeeevil white counterparts.

  • Cam

    @ScaryRussianHeather: said…

    “I highly doubt the average informed LGBT voter would look forward to:
    – 4 more years of economic destruction,
    Really? The GOP had Congress for a decade and the White House for 8 years and they took the country from a surplus to complete economic collapse. Under the Dems we have had over 30 months of economic growth, and are FAR ahead of many European economies that DID put in the policies the GOP was trying to put in here.

    – growing citizen dependence on government distributed taxpayer money,
    You mean like Wall Street? The TARP Bailout was the largest govt. intervention in it’s own economy since the collapse of the Soviet Union and all the money went to execs and high earners. That bailout was presented by the GOP Bush White house

    – overreaching growing government regulations,
    Please site your examples. It is Agreed that what lead to the economic collapse was the govt. removing the regulations that prevented periodic collapses and had been in place since right after the Great Depression.

    – fascism such as targeting private citizens as “having less-than-reputable records.” & being “on the wrong side of the law” simply for donating to Romney
    Ahhhhhh, and THERE you have it, The victimology cry of the Mormon. Everybody is a victim. Well then lets see any proof. And an e-mail from your Ward Leader isn’t proof.

    – and the overall mission that this individual and his party have – to subvert the US constitution and change this country to another form of Europe – with the ridiculous notion that any government will provide for you from birth to death.
    Since much of Obama’s platform was the GOP platform in the 1990’s please put out your proof. As for Europe, the economies collapsing there put in the policies that much of the GOP here wanted.

    Nice Try troll, but if you’re going to come in here and make broad generalities that you can’t back up, please don’t bother, the Gay Community figured the Mormon strategy years ago.

  • Cam

    “”What with the DADT repeal and his consistent personal support and hiring of gay people, Obama has always esteemed LGBTs with the same amount of respect he’s given to black people, Latino people, and, yes, good ol’ white people.”

    Queerty, your statement by definition is false. If gays were “Esteemed” (Please do a grammar check) the same amount there would be no preventing their marriage. He doesn’t have to “Evolve” on allowing Hispanics to marry, or blacks etc… therefore there is a difference.

    Obama is far better than the alternative, but lets not lie shall we?

  • Marie Cohn

    Max: Why does Obama have to seek wisdom, in particular, from iconic African-American mother-sister figures, hmmm?

  • Mark

    I firmly believe you could tell then man that this issue wouldn’t cost him one state. Not one vote. And he’d still put in on the back burner and vote “present”. Because HE doesn’t want historically to have done it.

    You can disagree all you want and blame the “white chirshtunnnnnnnnns” but the evidence so far backs me up.

  • QUINTessential

    @Cam: Listen, we get it: You’re as far to the left as they come. But to state that Europe’s crumbling socialist nations based their economy on the model of U.S. Republicans isn’t just absurd, it’s a good indication of just how removed from reality you are.

    @Mark: You’re absolutely right. People credit Obama with “aggressively pushing through” the DADT repeal, when in fact all he did was sign a document that congress had already done the work on. Why our brothers and sisters see him as our saviour is way beyond me.

  • Polyboy

    Now it’s a race based issue. Wow, y’all really like losing. Of course privilege can’t abide being thwarted.

    I hope there’s this much whining when Romney wins and twisted new sodomy laws are pushed through and held up by Scalia and friends.

  • Jay

    Can’t we just all shut up till he gets elected.

  • Leo

    I’d like for all of Obama’s gay critics to name just one of our past presidents that’s done half as much for LGBT rights and issues as Obama has. *waits*

  • WillBFair

    Gay leadership is chosen for their looks, which is why they’re so incompetent.
    This is not the time to talk about gay marraige. We have an election to win, a House to win back, and Supreme Court appointments to worry about. Idiots!

  • 1equalityUSA

    So if Obama wins, Kathleen Sullivan?

  • FrankWhite

    @Polyboy: Because they are a bunch of LOSERS. If I remember correctly from the 2008 primaries “teh gays” supported Hilary Clinton. It wasn’t until Obama won the primaries that they unhappily started to drum up support for him and now they are acting like brats who can’t get a new car on their 16th birthday. Gay people act as though they were the only ones who voted for Obama. I haven’t seen him bend over backwards for any other groups. “Boo-hoo, he hasn’t done ENOUGH for me, he hasn’t done ENOUGH for me, I want more,more,more in special-i’m MORE important.” LOLZ, let’s see what ole Mitt does for ya.

  • 1equalityUSA

    There are straight allies and a few repubs who believe in equality as well. Equality should not be put to a popular vote. To diminish this notion of equality for all Americans to receiving a car on one’s sixteenth birthday is specious.

  • wayne

    @WillBFair: The Vice President is the one who started this debate. And the administration is the one that gave this story legs by trying to walk back his pro-gay comments almost as soon as he made them. The larger gay community had almost nothing to do with the current debate.

  • Charli

    Hmmm somehow I think Biden was getting “poised”
    for something…

  • SteveC

    I say wait until after the election.

    If Obama does not come out in support of marriage equality and does not sign an executive order banning LGBT workplace discrimination within his 1st hundred days in office after re-election then we need to start a campaign of mass protest and civil disobedience.

    His refusal to support equality is grossly offensive and homophobic.

    He needs a deadline.

  • Cam

    @FrankWhite: said..

    “Because they are a bunch of LOSERS. If I remember correctly from the 2008 primaries “teh gays” supported Hilary Clinton. It wasn’t until Obama won the primaries that they unhappily started to drum up support for him”


    Actually gay white’s were some of the earliest of Obama’s supporters. But please, by all means keep on being a racist and a bigot. A large segment of the African American population supported Hillary Clinton at first so again, your comment is beyond idiotic.

    But then again, since you have nothing valid to say I shouldn’t expect anything more intelligent than a blind little tantrum.

  • Cam

    To all of the people name calling and attacking anybody who expresses some issue with Obama’s behavior on this….you need to chill.

    1. Blacks also supported Clinton in large numbers at the beginning.
    2. Gays Supported Obama, but please keep lying if it makes you feel better.
    3. 65 percent of Democrats support same-sex marriage, as do 57 percent of Independents, so pardon some people for being confused as to who exactly Obama is trying to sway.

    Romney is an anti-gay douche who deserves to go down to a massive defeat, but do not try to pretend that Obama’s comments about marriage are somehow respectful of us.

  • 1equalityUSA

    Strap-the-family-dog-to-the-roof-of-the-car-Romney cannot be the President of the United States. It is inconceivable that such a nut-ball would hold this office.
    But then, I never thought that that dog-killer artist, Otterness, would ever be paid $700,000.00 to provide artwork for a San Francisco hospital either. He has since apologized for his sick, cruelty of an art project, but unless he returns the money and slips quietly back to New Jersey, it is not enough. He went to the pound and got a black and white puppy, tied it to a fence, and shot it with a gun, all the while filming the slow, painful death, so as to show it in a loop in an art gallery. S.F Arts Commission should have their heads examined for allowing Tom Otterness anywhere near the City named after St. Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. So, who knows. Romney may stand a chance afterall.

  • Darling Nikki

    No politician is perfect and there is much about Obama that saddens me, BUT, he has been the best ally the GLBT has ever had from the White House.
    Reflect on that.
    As for this joker who invented the minstrel white privileged show that had absolutlely no basis in reality, who cares. He’s looking for another 15 mins of fame. His cameo on RuPaul’s Drag Race was laughable and if he had his way, he would’ve tossed Sharon Needles right out, just based on HER name. Talk about judging a book. He said it himself on the show and was looking for the queens to rim his holier than thou white ass.
    He’s a priss wanna be WASP who so wants in that bigotted exclusive country-club that would only admit him for a laugh at his expense, that he’s blinded to his own folly.
    If there is such a thing as a “power-gay”, you ain’t it honeybuns. And quoting Oprah/Maya Angelou and what not means nothing too.
    Just go write a script or something and do another minstrel show. NBC really could use a good farce.

  • Drone

    @1equalityUSA: If “Strap-the-family-dog-to-the-roof-of-the-car-Romney cannot be the President of the United States”, then likewise “Slap-the-family-dog-between-two-slices-of-bread-and-eat-him” Obama can no longer continue to be president, due to his extremist nut-ball leftist views (one of which, by the way, is NOT gay marriage).
    And as far as Otterness goes, haven’t you learned by now that liberals get an automatic pass from other liberals, regardless of their actions?

  • 1equalityUSA

    The S.F. Arts Commission made this decision not realizing who this monster was and the money was spent for him. When the subways refused to have Tom Otterness’ artwork in their subway, the work was pushed off to S.F. General Hospital. I would rather see the artwork from the communities that the hospital serves, such as the Chinese community, or Hunters Point community, or Latino, or gay…not this sick dog-killer artist. I would rather have children do the artwork for this hospital. I would rather have no artwork than to have a man who killed a puppy and filmed it for a loop to be played over and over in the name of art. It is beyond sick! Just google, “dog-killer artist” and see for yourself how inappropriate it is to have the artwork of Tom Otterness anywhere near San Francisco. If he were really remorseful, he would give us back the $700,000.00 and disappear from the S.F. scene altogether. I hope PETA catches wind of this. I would love to see protests outside the new facility. This Tom Otterness is one sick bastard. I do not want his work in S.F. can you tell? And any man who would strap his dog to the roof of the car until he blows diarrhea needs to hang out with Otterness. Then Romney hosed the dear pet off at a gas station and put the dog back up there for a trip all the way to Canada. Perhaps Otterness could be Romney’s vice presidential running mate. They may see eye to eye on things.

  • Ronbo

    After four years and countless disappointments – going back on your word, changing your tune, reversing yourself and doing whater the Republicans want, I’ve had enough of your lies. I won’t tolerate your mistreatment and deceptions. I am a proud and intelligent man who will not surrender my vote to someone who lies and deceives at every turn.

    To all the GLBT supporter of President Obama, I have but one word for you: suckers!

    Obama may SAY he is a Democrat and fierce supporter; but, who you gonna beleve? Obama or your lyin’ ass eyes? He signed the Bush tax cuts for the rich, he increased spending on wars; he violates habeus corpus; he assassinates without trial. He is a Republican – and a damn nasty one. Just ask the over 1,400 innocent men, women and children killed by his drone strikes. Or is it true that a black man can’t be a Republcan?

  • Dame


    You know, people are SO busy actually yapping about any issues of the society today. But guess what, if you’ve taken ANY history course of any kind for any civilization for any time, you know know that the questions we ask about “what the fuck should we do about eternal issues like X, Y and Z?”

    The point of this, that “we’ve been asking the same questions and discussions about things since the dawn of human history” is that we should have learned something from it.

    I am sick of people calling Obama socialists and whatnot. We had powerful and centralized government under FDR, and we didn’t turn out like Nazi Germany, Facist Italy or Soviet Russia. We are not doing socialistic experiments. We are just trying to do what needs to be done. And your argument about over-zealous, fanatical devotion/cling to “unregulated free market” HAS BEEN DONE, and America still stands.

  • Cam

    @Drone: said…

    “Obama can no longer continue to be president, due to his extremist nut-ball leftist views”

    Yeah, thats the line all the teabaggers use. Funny thing is…none of you are ever ABLE to point out the multitude of these extremene left wing things. Probably since OBama’s platform is basically the same one the GOP was pushing in the 90’s.

    But you know. Keep on lying if it gives you something to do.

  • Gigi

    @RLS: So he’s “privileged” because he’s done well for himself. How is that?

  • Bill

    @RLS: Bitter black gay guy makes an ass of himself on Queerty.

  • John

    I find it offensive that other people think they have a right to dictate on someone’s personal views. if you don’t like Obama’s view then don’t vote for him, i would never vote for someone who supports gay marriage. If it passes so be it, but i will never respect it or recognize it. No one has to support gay marriage anymore than someone has to accept polygamy or consenting adult close relative marriages

  • 1equalityUSA

    Dusting off the ol’ polygamyincestbestiality angle again, eh? It’s as tiresome as, “God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.” Polygamy is banned to both straight and LGBT across the board. Whereas, marriage is afforded to only one set of Americans and the other is banned due to immutable characteristics. LGBT cannot even have one spouse. Inequality exists because one set of popular Americans are enjoying rights that another is not. Bestiality and polygamy have nothing to do with one set of Americans enjoying rights withheld from another set of Americans based on the religious beliefs of some. Marriage is a secular, civil, contractual arrangement that can be performed outside of churches. I’m sure that there were Americans that didn’t like it when other marriage issues came up in the past. The Bible was even used in the arguments against interracial marriage then. Many of these Americans likely expressed John’s feelings about those rights being extended to unpopular people. Too damned bad. You are on the wrong side of History, John. We were born this way. If you want to rest soundly in your hatred and deny us rights due to this unresolved hatred towards people you don’t know, nor even care to learn about, that is your issue, not ours. We will not live inauthentic lives so that you, John, can remain comfortable. We will not lie.

  • charli

    John sweety…are you that much of a freaking moron? I was good with you saying you dont want to agree with what is right in the world sugarfoot,BUT ya went a lil far there sugarbritches when you compared gay people to polygamy and relatives marrying,you moron!

    Im sure there are alot of folks that will coddle you and be politically correct with you,but nope not happening here.Ill save that soft BS for them.Im just no good at it when it comes to morons like you.

    So am I to assume you bed down with the opposite gender? Okaaaaayy so do you have deep dark secrets of bedding down with some of your or their relatives sugar? whats the freaking difference you numnut?

    Ever hear of a lil thing called pedophile? Hmmm seems to me Im always reading that its a str8 male doing that and then going home to his feamale wife and kids,does that include you precious?

    How about all the pastors that rape little boys and ,whats that you say? Yup run back home to their female wives,is that you punkin?

    Seems to me you might as well say ALL males should be put on a slow boat to China since all females are the usual targets of rape! Is that you sugar britches?

    So you see comparing gays to polygamy and realtives marrying,hmmm those are really YOUR burdens arent they ?

  • Michael Bedwell

    Excuuuuuuuuuuuse me! Saying that an entire group of people does NOT deserve ALL the same rights including “marriage” because God his/her/itself is against it is NOT maligning that group???????? And, seriously, our feelings are beginning to get hurt given we have posted COUNTLESS times on Queerty about the fact which you clearly have not yet digested that Obama backed gutting of the original DADT repeal bill that he’d promised to PERSONALLY fight for which means that repeal came with SECOND CLASS CITIZENSHIP for gay troops, OFFICIALLY denied the same protections against harassment and discrimination IN the military that blacks, women, et al., automatically get as “protected classes.”

  • Annonny

    Uh, so what?

    I don’t ask TV writers for political advice the same way I don’t ask the VP or POTUS what TV to watch.

  • truthbetold

    Dont like em vote for the man whose faith allows you to marry 7 women but excommunicates you if you are gay…smh….go ahead…lol

    You queens are so dumb i swear. Obama is going to come out for gay marriage AFTER the election. And the last year of his final term watch the amount of laws passed in our favor. Besides does anyone remember hillarys stance on the issue? I know you guys loooove her

  • Olive

    I’m not a fan of this ridiculous campaign strategy, but the truth is: Barack > Romney… and it’s that simple.

  • FrankWhite

    @Cam: I said nothing about white people I was talking about gay people. Learn to read or go get some glasses

  • samwise

    I agree with Mutchnik. Everyone is either for or against same sex marriage. There’s no middle ground here. What’s that saying… You can’t be a little pregnant.

  • NormanE3D

    @QUINTessential: The great savior is ever evolving, now if he could just stop campaigning for long enough to do what it was he was elected to do — lead, as he has been campaigning non stop the past four years. The economy is still tanking, no budget, unsurmountable debt, more and more government, green schemes that cost the taxpayers billions and he comes out as evolving on the issue of gay marriage. Nice diversion but the only thing that is evolving is his techniques to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes and keep them contributions coming. Deplorable.

  • Charli

    Ah yes and if Abe MLK and Malcolm X would’ve just “laxed” on
    their issues that would’ve made you happy too…

    Remember precious, the repubs stall all progress!
    But I’m sure you don’t want to look at that?

    Most of the time a person doesn’t care what doesn’t effect them
    (until it does)

    I’m sure you don’t mind our gay soldiers fighting and dieing for
    YOUR freedom and civil liberties, but you’d like for the Pres forget about theirs!

  • NormanE3D

    Hey wasn’t Lincoln a repub? And didn’t he stop slavery? All this person did is give his usual lip service — he could care less about us but does love our money.

  • Charli


  • Genevieve Ali

    Seriously Max.? I’m not sure what your objecting to. Obama has expressed what his personal beliefs are, admits that these are the beliefs he learned from the generation before him & that his opinion is evolving, thats humility, I do not recall ever seeing that in an American President.! Why does that offend you.?
    Quite right about Oprah though, we will do better, when we know better & when we do better, we have evolved.

  • Genevieve Ali

    @Cam: Whoa Cam.! Angry much.? Chill.? Name calling.? Are you gonna take on all the “LIARS”.? Why you so angry.?
    I’m a gay Aussie & I thought his comments on gay marriage were very respectful to us, despite his personal, ‘learned’ beliefs regarding homosexuality, The President of the United States publicly honoured us as equals, to the entire fucking world.!
    He didn’t make the law & he has spoken out that it needs to change, please don’t shoot the messenger Cam, he’s the only one we’ve ever had.
    On a personal note, my partner & I, we love, live, dance, & play TOGETHER.!
    We have for 11 years now.
    No law, no religion, no opinion & no marriage certificate will EVER change that.
    If we expect to be accepted, we need to be open to it.

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