Will & Grace On Oprah

The Malcontent features clips of the Will & Grace cast on , as they begin what is obviously going to be a “farewell” process to be stretched out longer than Susan Lucci’s Emmy acceptance speech. But can you blame them? Malcy says it best:

If Will & Grace is stale and has run its course, the cast and crew still deserve to take their bows. When people are looking back at the age of the gay rights movement and how open gay culture finally entered the mainstream of American society, this is a show that will rightly belong on our little pink wall of fame.

We are so quick to forget how times have changed–more importantly, how times used to be. Remember when advertisers threatened to pull out of Melrose Place for showing a man-on-man kiss? (Which was subsequently edited out, amidst protests from Aaron Spelling himself!) That wasn’t long ago. Granted, Will hasn’t exactly burned up the romance meter, but it was a start.

It’s probable that with Will & Grace‘s exit, the current obsession with gay characters everywhere will soon turn passe’, just like black characters were once on all the best TV shows and are now relegated to the likes of UPN dismalness. But it was good to have been allowed the chance at all. Although we can’t imagine who will be next in the “special social group” party on TV. Who is left? Little people? Perhaps Mormons, with the success of Big Love. Hmm.

FYI: The best Will & Grace moment is Matt Damon‘s audition for the gay men’s chorus. If you don’t agree, you are insane. Does anyone have a clip of the episode? It’s not on YouTube.

Watch the Oprah clips here:

Will and Gracing Oprah’s Couch [The Malcontent]

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