Will & Grace

Will & Grace: Where Are They Now?


With Megan Mullally’s new show In The Motherhood debuting Thursday, there’s no better time to look back on the cast of Will & Grace, America’s first gay sitcom, and play the “Where Are They Now?” game. Has time treated our favorite dysfunctional family well? Have they escaped the curse of forever being associated with a widely popular show that made them millions? No 3-D glasses required to find out!

Why We Loved Them Highs and Lows Where Are They Now?
Eric McCormack
As Will, McCormack was the personification of A-Gay. Despite despite a string of boyfriends, his true love was Grace. Also, his dimples. McCormack bounced around Broadway, playing The Music Man and co-star for a Fran Drescher vehicle. He also exec produced the gone-too-soon Lovespring International, which he cameo’d in. Starring in Trust Me, TNT’s advertising drama. It’s expected to be canceled, but he has a new untitled ABC sitcom in the works.

Debra Messing

Grace was the fun, neurotic red-head we all wanted to take out for a cosmo. Back when we thought drinking cosmos made us look cool. At her best, she reminded us of Lucille Ball. At her worst, she’d come off as a co-dependent sad complainer. Messing’s been a judge on Project Runway (as a fashion expert). Her first starring vehicle, The Wedding Date, was pretty much crap. Messing found success on her own with USA’s The Starter Wife, which got picked up as a full series after a successful mini series run. But then USA opted not to renew it. Sad face.
Megan Mullally
Karen was a woman without a moral compass, which is just how we liked her. The only one who could cut her down to size was her maid Rosario, but when push came to shove, Karen would show glimmers of having a heart. Mullally’s been guest starring on everything from How I Met Your Mother to 30 Rock. Her eponymous talk show didn’t last a season. Mullally is one of the three co-stars of In The Motherhood. Read our article about it!
Sean Hayes
Actually, we never liked Jack, who was a walking stereotype of gay promiscuity and shallowness that rarely, if ever displayed any depth. Still, the best lines went to Hayes and he made a great foil for Karen. Besides remaining annoyingly in the closet, Hayes has pursued a film career, co-starring in The Bucket List, The Cat In The Hat, and Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!. He also exec produced and starred in Situation: Comedy, a reality show about finding the next great sitcom. Hayes is at work on BiCoastal, a new drama about a man with a wife on one coast and a boyfriend on the other.