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Will Hawaii’s Gays Be Able to End Their Civil Unions In Divorce Court?

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First, I love any local newscast where anchors don’t wear suits and ties. Second, we love any local newscast that actually explains what’s happening in the news. Like what happens now that Hawai’i’s HB 444 has passed and is en route to Gov. Linda Lingle, and what happens if she signs it. As Rep. Blake Oshiro — who brought the bill before the State House floor just hours before the legislative session expired, and at the same time came out to his colleagues — explains, gay couples looking to secure a civil union would basically go through the same process a marriage certificate requires (once the Dept. of Health creates that paperwork). But what happens if a civil union-ed couple wants to dissolve their union?

One fear: Divorce courts would turn them away, claiming it’s a “civil union,” and thus a civil court matter.