Will HRC Cave To Cleve Jones + Dustin Lance Black And Give Harvey Milk’s Camera Shop To The Trevor Project?

We’ve been hearing murmurings that Dustin Lance Black and Cleve Jones — the self-designated spokesman for Harvey Milk’s legacy — were making in-roads in convincing the Human Rights Campaign not to turn 575 Castro Street into a glorified branding experiment. So what to do with the space? Hand it over to the Trevor Project. “It could not be a better use for the space or its goals for the community,” says Jones, who has been anything but quiet about his disdain for HRC’s move. And in the surest sign yet that it’s a real possibility, Trevor Project’s reps aren’t denying they’d love the space. Says spokeswoman Laura McGinnis: “We’d love the opportunity, and we would be humbled and honored if the Trevor Project could be there. But it’s not ours to have.” HRC’s top flack Fred Sainz says there might be a “possible arrangement” with Trevor for the space, and Harvey’s nephew Stuart Milk says a deal is in place, but I doubt anything less than a full exit from the storefront will be enough to please Michael Petrelis & Co.

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