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Will It Take a Gay Teen Getting Shot For Brazil To Enact Gay Discrimination Protections?

Brazilian teen Douglas Igor Marques Luiz, 19, says he was hanging out with friends near the beach Sunday when three men in military uniforms approached and told everyone to leave, except him — before verbal harassment ended up with him getting shot. Jeez! All the while, Rio’s gays were celebrating pride. Officially, no troops from the nearby Copacabana Fort fired their weapons on Sunday, nor were any troops even patrolling that area on Sunday, but military personnel are still being questioned. In the meantime, The Gays are using the incident as another call for LGBT protections.

“We’ve gotten very far, but we need more political will to really improve conditions for the LGBT community in Brazil,” said Julio Moreira, president of the advocacy organization Grupo Arco-Iris de Cidadania LGBT, which means Rainbow Group for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Citizenship. The organization has called a rally Sunday demanding a thorough investigation of the attack on Luiz, and calling for Brazil’s Senate to pass a law banning discrimination based on sexual identity or orientation.

Or at least have officials put up “Don’t Shoot The Gays” signs.