Will “Looking: The Movie” Top The Series In Sex Appeal?


Last year, we were heart broken when the series Looking was pulled after its second season. On July 23rd, HBO gives its loyal Looki-loos some much anticipated love with Looking: The Movie, a two-hour special wrapping up the dangling storylines of Patrick, Agustin, Dom, and the rest of their San Fran crew.

If series creator Michael Lannan and his co-writer Andrew Haigh play their trump cards right, this finale film may be the sexiest gay movie ever made, evidenced by these six scintillating moments from the series itself.

Warning boys, Looking may lead to touching…

1. Looking Down

Looking 102

The series hits the ground running, opening on protagonist Patrick (Jonathan Groff) receiving fellatio under the foliage of Golden Gate Park. But, a few episodes later Looking tops itself when latin lover Richie (Raul Castillo) gives the young man-genue what described as “the most realistic blowjob ever given on TV.”

2. Looking to Blast

In the third episode, its geek chic meets Freudian subtext when Patrick plays video games while straddling a torpedo with his boss, British bulldog puppy Kevin (Russell Tovey).

3. Looking to top


By season two, Patrick flips the script with big bad boss man Kevin. Literally. Counted as one of the “gay sex scenes that went too far for TV,” Groff has admitted that this scene where he tops his limey lover was one of the most intense performances he’s ever filmed. Ironically, Patrick had already prepared to bottom for his beautiful Brit bud…

4. Looking to Sweat


Don’t think Looking is all post-twink play time. Things get steamy for the gays-of-a-certain-age as well, as when Dom (Murray Bartlett) meets hunky Lynn (Scott Bakula) in a sauna, filmed at real San Francisco sex club Eros. Talk about Quantum DILF.

5. Looking to Make a Splashlooking-daniel-franzese-frankie-j-alvarez-naked-swim-skinny-dip-shirtless

The addition of Eddie (Daniel Franzese) to the cast in season 2 proves you don’t need to be skinny to skinny dip, and that bigger can be beautiful.

6. Looking to Master the Universe


Dom proves he has the power… to get us aroused when he hits up Halloween as He-Man. And much appreciation for the emphasis on the loin in loincloth.

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  • ErikO

    The TV show was horrible. The movie is not going to be any better.

  • passingthru

    My friends and I enjoyed the show very much. We are all looking forward to the movie!

  • Masc Pride

    Why does Jonathan Groff always look like a kid that just sh!t his pants? Bet the movie will tank worse than the show, and I would totally put money on that.

  • DDstar1me

    Sex appeal was never the issue with this show. It was the boring wonder bread story lines that we have seen time and time again. However, I enjoyed the show. it was a half hour escape from my own reality. LOL. I hope the movie does well. I’ve missed Patrick.:)

  • Southstguy

    The movie has VERY little sex.

  • Stache

    Can’t wait to see it this wknd.

  • OzJosh

    Jonathan Groff is sexy. But his character in Looking leeched every bit of sex appeal from his being. And Russell Tovey emanates pure douche-bag.

  • martinbakman

    @passingthru: You will be rewarded !! The movie is worthy!!

    @OzJosh: Russell Tovey knocked my socks off in the finale.

  • Kangol

    @Masc Pride: That look works great when Groff appears in Hamilton. If he’s still in it catch it. That’s the best thing I’ve seen him in so far. This movie, bleccccch! Tovey the anti-femme homophobe, double-bleccccch!

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