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Will LPGA Finally Stop Thinking Of Trans Golfers As He-Shes?

Thanks to a lawsuit from trans cop-cum-golfer Lana Lawless, the LPGA is reconsidering its ban on any players who were not “female at birth.” The rule was passed in 2008 because Lawless used her obvious man-cheating-strength to drive a ball 254 yard and win the Long Drive Championship. So Lawless sued over her after-the-fact ban, and it looks like things might turn out for the best.

At next months annual players meeting, an amendment to the LPGA constitution is proposed that will eliminate the rule. The LPGA’s executive committee is recommending to players they cast a vote in favor of trans acceptance. And if everyone falls in to line, Lawless might just have a shot at another LPGA title. If she qualifies, of course.