Will Madonna Let A Nipple Slip During The Super Bowl Halftime Show?

Rumor is that Madonna will perform during the Super Bowl XLVI halftime show. A percentage of the gays will watch just because she’s performing, a percentage will watch because they actually care about who wins , and a percentage will watch the commercials while cruising the 7-layer dip. However, another small percentage of gays will watch just to see if Madonna’s boob pops out like Janet Jackson’s did during the 2004 Super Bowl. Start placing your bets on which song Madonna will grace with her boob. Our money’s on “Dance 2night.”

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  • SteveC

    Madonna’s boobs will, I expect, stay well hidden.
    Janet’s boob killed her career.
    I doubt Madge will want a rerun of THAT over-reaction.

  • Little Kiwi

    i still think it’s fasctination that whenever a fist-fight breaks out during a sporting event the cameras all rush in to capture the violence from every angle, in close-up if possible.

    grown-ass men break out into violent fistfights and the cameras zone in so as to catch every blow.

    a nipple is exposed and the world freaks out.

    think about how preposterous and backward-thinking that is. capture and glorify the violence, run in panic from an exposed female breast.

    priorities seem to be in the wrong places, eh?

  • ewe

    Dear Queerty,
    I am not a GAY. I am a gay person. The Gays, or Gays is an offensive way to define people. Please do not contribute to ignorance. It is no different than saying the Blacks. Does the public ever say the Whites. Not really that much. When we speak or read or write about heterosexuals or read material written by straight people we usually never observe anything describing heterosexual people as the Straights, or Straights. Gay is an adjective not a noun. It may seem trivial to some or nitpicking about semantics but it contributes negatively into the cultural psyche. Thank you.

  • Jake

    Epic performance to follow. Hopefully she reminds people that GaGa wouldn’t be here without her doing it ALL first. Excellent choice

  • Little Kiwi

    i’m gay. i’m also a gay. i’m queer. i’m also a queer.

    i also say “The Straights.”

  • WillBFair

    I hope she behaves herself, for pr reasons, but also because the boob flop has already been done. It’d be so thirty minutes ago.

  • ewe

    @Little Kiwi: Well you also tell people “yo mama this yo daddy that yo sista here yo brotha there.” Which is to say you are definitely immature and although you seem to have left Canada it appears your life is still within a five block radius. At least in your emotional world.

  • ewe

    @Little Kiwi: Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with being ghetto Kiwi. Gay ghetto that is. How is that 5 block radius anyway? Cheeky. Snap. Notice the word gay is used as an adjective.

  • Little Kiwi

    uh.. i’m not the one who’s too insecure to put a face and name to my comments.


    a gay and a queer and also unafraid to live Out. try it sometime. you’re allowed to be offended, i just can’t see why you’re choosing to. it’s not exactly helped you be liberated from your own insecurities.

  • ewe

    @Little Kiwi: I am aware you don’t accept this but you are not the entity that dictates the rules of our universe. That is yet one more example of your box. You can get over yourself. Button pushed.

  • Little Kiwi

    that’s just it – i’m not telling anyone what to do or say. that’s you. you’re allowed to be “offended” – i was pointing out that I (and many others) aren’t.

    i’m not sure why you’re so proud of your being offended by it, either. it’s clearly not made you a more clear and honest person.

    so, which specific candidate are you backing in the next presidential election? :D

  • Little Monster

    Gaga wasnt available?

    This fugly hag is OVER.

  • ewe

    @Little Kiwi: Kiwi, don’t speak of logic when you proudly defend the right to be a “Gay” instead of a gay person but would be the first one to practice your double standards by mindlessly raging over someone who called you a “Black.” Don’t even try to say that you would condone people going around calling a person a “Black.” So you proudly say ” i am a gay, i am a queer.” Then you would proudly go around touting you are a “black” or you are a “white.” Nobody does that. Your PC bullshit is mindless. You don’t even fucking think about it. You think one subgroup should not take offense and scream hell and damnation for another group who you would deem fully in their right to take offense. You need to stay consistent. If you can’t you are just a victim. Now choose whether or not you are a conscious or unconscious victim.

  • Little Kiwi

    I’m not black, i have no business telling black people how they should or should not feel.

    i’m saying that, unlike you, i don’t take offense to the way Queerty wrote this as you seem to. You don’t seem to understand that not everyone gets offended by the same things you do. You’ll notice that I, unlike you, am able to put a face and name to my comments. I’m not commenting via anonymous-hiding. You are. I’m not the one who’s the victim – that would be you, the one who continues to claim to be offended.

    I’m not a victim. Period. I’m not the one who’s living in hiding, that would be you.

  • Bryan

    As long as she sings live(doubt it, but I’m hoping) and doesn’t perform American Life, all is good.

  • christopher di spirito

    Zombie-hands, boy-obsessed, faux-British, “Madge” from Grand Rapids, MI, performing at something as American and plebeian as the Superbowl?

    What has the world come to?

    Let’s hope old girl doesn’t fuck it up like she fucked up her musical contribution to the James Bond movie.

  • ewe

    @Little Kiwi: what a crock. So if you are white you have “business” telling white people how they should or should not feel? You don’t comprehend well. Read the last sentence of comment 3. I do not claim to speak for everyone. My opinion is not me saying that you should feel the same way. Yours fucking is though. You also sound like a broken record bitch. You do not make the rules of this universe much less this blog and people commenting here do not have to accomodate you in any way at all so save your childish rant about how “one should act the way i say they should act and since i do this so should you.” What’s next Kiwi? Is someone who uses a username having issues with “yo mama this, yo daddy that, yo sista here yo brotha there?” You fight like a victim.

  • ewe

    @Little Kiwi: Hey hey. So you say you go around saying the “straights?” I don’t believe a word of it. Give me your example or even an example of anyone ever doing it and i will show you a rag that is being printed no more than a hundred copies.

  • Little Kiwi

    i reference “The Straights” in my blog. feel free to read up. you keep moving goalposts.

    not at all. you said “the gays” is offensive. i said i’m not offended by it. i never said you had to not be offended, i said i wasn’t offended. you’re the one who is arguing that i’m wrong for not being offended. that aint my problem. you’re one more wimp who posts from a place of cowardly anonymity.

    keep proving me right ;-)

  • Zee

    Totally would watch just to see Madonna! Love The Queen

    …then when halftime is over, I’ll go back to Food network.

  • divkid

    the days of her getting her norks out are sadly long gone; these days it’s an effort for the poor dear to keep from treading on them. gawd bless her.

    and i’m fine with “the gays” when used as a cheekily inappropriate insider joke.

  • brian

    Please, please, no Madonna. The woman exploited gay men throughout her career and made millions in the process.

    She is no friend of gay people. She exploited the bisexual double standard, a double standard which favors females and demeans males. She basically said that it was OK for women – and only women – to be bisexual but if, and only if, it was designed to titillate sleazy straight guys who hate gay guys. She helped prop up the sleazy straight guy fantasy for girl-girl action at our expense.

    We don’t need this purveyor of the sleazy straight gay fantasy out there with her sagging tits and post-menopausal facial tics. Fuck off, Madge.

  • Little Kiwi

    brian, it’s not madonna’s fault you resent being gay.

    and if you think madonna invented the straight-male fantasy of girl-on-girl action then you’re insane.

    “She basically said that it was OK for women – and only women – to be bisexual but if, and only if, it was designed to titillate sleazy straight guys who hate gay guys.”

    Citations, please? seriously. specific citation, please.

    her music certainly inspired me as a young gay kid. without her music i may not have been about to Come Out when i did, in my teens.

  • Cam

    @SteveC: said…

    “Janet’s boob killed her career.
    I doubt Madge will want a rerun of THAT over-reaction.”

    The difference being that Madonna would have somehow figured out a way to make the publicity work to her benefit and would have sold an extra million. She’s like the flu, no matter how hard we try a slightly different version of it always pops up. lol

  • Catmann


    Good point and here’s another….

    When Janet or just about any other black female artist does something racy (accidental or intended) they are ridiculed because of it.

    Yet when Madonna does something racy (which is most of the time) she considered a genius!

  • SuperCat

    Nah, but if Lady Gaga performed she probably would show nipple.

    She loves to copy other people, she even tried replicating Madonna’s Britney Spears kiss, but Britney turned away.

  • Mike

    @Little Monster: lol that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day. A 53 year old Madonna is still 5x more beautiful than GaGa could ever dream of being. GaGa is a pop star, Madonna is a pop icon. Go learn some music history little sheep.

  • Red Meat

    @ewe: Stop acting like one of the Gays.

  • BubbasBack

    Craponna is looking mighty ugly lately, like a stuffed chipmunk with them gross cheeks and bony hands! Woman, go away. Burp.

  • Cam

    @Mike: said…

    “@Little Monster: lol that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day. A 53 year old Madonna is still 5x more beautiful than GaGa could ever dream of being. GaGa is a pop star, Madonna is a pop icon. Go learn some music history little sheep.”

    Except for the fact that Gaga has written multiple number one hits. Madonna rode the back of songwriters. Madonna didn’t even know how to play an instrument when she started out.

  • ChrisC

    Madonna can barley even sing and doesn’t even come up with her own music videos and outfits. Everything Madonna does is to shock, with no other message. Just to shock. Lady Gaga on the other hand has countless messages. She writes her own material (Without needing countless co-writers), Produces, Directs, Designs her outfits, Donates money to charity and is an amazing LGBT Rights Activist, Dances, Always sings live and plays the piano. Not to mention she treats her fans with love and respect, unlike Madonna. I’m so sick of people saying Gaga dresses like Madonna, Madonna NEVER dressed even remotely simular to Gaga. Their fashion couldn’t be more different.

  • phallus

    @ christopher….gee I know all this says nothing of her success over the years. Toss out the old usher in the new, like Britany Spears. BTW Madonna was born in Bay City MI and raised by her father in Rochester MI. At least get your facts straight.

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