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Will Magic Johnson Join Accused Gay Rumor Spreader Isiah Thomas In Gay Marriage Bandwagon Campaign?

Back in the 1990s, after revealing publicly he’s HIV-positive, Magic Johnson was certain Isiah Thomas, the former Detroit Pistons player and Knicks head coach, started spreading rumors around that Johnson was gay or bisexual — something Thomas denies. (So upset, Johnson says he lobbied against Thomas joining the Olympic Dream Team). But hey, isn’t that Thomas starring in the a photo with son Joshua in the NOH8 Campaign’s series of duct tape pictorials? That totally excuses him of all past indiscretions.

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  • jimmy

    On another note, I would like to mention how hot Isiah and Magic sons are hot (Andre and Joshua).

  • OrchidIslander

    So typical. Here is a positive story of two American African-Americans showing their support for gay marriage and opposition to Prop 8. Where, oh where are all of the frothing at the mouth gay proponent’s comments regarding the “African-American community’s rampant homophobia?”

    They’re all over at the Alveda King article venting their bile, that’s where…..

  • sola

    Magic Johnson is peculiar. If he believed Isiah spread the gay rumors then why did Magic appear to be friends with Isiah in public? Before games they would kiss on the cheeks and after they retired they were spotted together at different events. Isiah has many scandals after he retired and when he became the coach of the Knicks — but he never seemed like a homophobe. Just a bad coach and team president. And I’m a Celtic fan, so I have every reason to hate anyone involved with the Knicks.

    I still don’t understand why Magic wrote this in his book. If you dislike someone, why even talk to them?

  • Michael

    And exactly how else did Magic catch AIDS? Sorry, but be a man, fess up and learn when you’re on the DL you’re more likely to come down with a disease.


    Isiah Thomas, you must a video of James Dolan doing some way freaky shit for him to hire you back after all the drama your last pit stop at the Garden caused. However if you can stand with your son (who is waaaay hawt) and show the lovin’ for the Gays I more power to you………..

  • Lynn "Yesluv"

    @Michael: I don’t believe the down low rhetoric necessarily applies here, it’s a possibility but not a fatality. This assumption is not as accurate as you would like to believe. Magic used to get “mad pussy” in the 80’s. While he may have had gay sex, homosexual intercourses are not the only way to get HIV.

  • Taylor Siluwé

    No. 5 · Michael — Are you really that uninformed, or just being intentionally offensive?

    On a lighter note: Wow, Isiah’s son is HOT!!!!!

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