Will Marriage Be a Hot Topic In Iowa’s 2010 Governor Race?


Absolutely, if Rep. Steve King (R) has anything to say about it. An opposite-sex-only marriage supporter, King says the Iowa Supreme Court’s ruling for marriage equality “sucks me into the Iowa policy in a way that I haven’t been sucked into it in a while.” Back in 1998, King was a supporter of legislation defining marriage between a man and a woman; he ended up not voting for the bill because of a “procedural objection,” notes the Des Moines Register. But if the Supreme Court must affirm marriage rights for all, then he at least wants Gov. Chet Culver to insist on “legislation requiring residency for marriage in Iowa and for the Legislature to pass a constitutional amendment measure.” And if he doesn’t? Then King may just well add his name to the list of gubernatorial candidates in the 2010 race, where Culver hopes to snag a second term, and make marriage for gays a hot topic of his campaign.