Will Melissa Etheridge + Tammy Lynn Michaels End Up Living Down the Street From Each Other?

It’s pretty clear that when Melissa Etheridge told Oprah her split with Tammy Lynn Michaels was “mutual,” she was lying.

We’ve already heard from Tammy, via blog poem, that she was blindsided. And on Friday when Melissa filed domestic partnership dissolution papers, Tammy once again took to her blog to once again rail at her ex. Unless Melissa knows a definition of “mutual” this editor does not, their split is anything but.

Meanwhile, Melissa wants a court to decide Tammy is due no financial support — and let’s all assume that’s not such a mutual want.

Taking a trip down memory lane, it’s fun to watch Oprah in 2008 invite Melissa and Tammy on the show via Skype to discuss the importance of fighting Prop 8. The answer to which we now know to be: so gays and lesbians can get divorced just like heteros!

But just because the pair are splitting doesn’t mean they’re cutting ties; they do share children, after all, and as Melissa explained to — yup! — Oprah in 2003, when she ended the relationship before Tammy, Melissa and her ex still lived near each other.