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  • axos

    Not funny. Those allegations and that trial killed the man. Show some respect.

  • Fitz

    @axos: No, I’m pretty sure that what killed him was our society’s over-indulgence of public figures. he should never have been faced with those kids of excesses and access to unmitigated prescription drugs.

  • Jack Scribe

    With California cruising through this year with 19 billion bucks in the hole and growing, I suspect this won’t happen very soon. I’m not lonely…but I’d drive over and check out Neverland if it is restored. BTW, this report, Queerty, is very age-ist.

  • Jon

    Great Idea, he has so much history. Some weird some bad, but great musical history.

  • Ogre Magi

    They should make it into a primate sanctuary in honor of Bubbles

  • L.

    @Fitz: As typos go, yours was brilliant :)

    Re: the original point – I wonder whether diamond-encrusted condoms would ever catch up, though.

  • Enron

    “the grounds in search of boy butt.”

    Wait, did he molest you, or you just felt bad you didn’t get the chance to hit the MJ jackpot like so many did?

    I think its a wonderful idea, I also think he should have been buried there. I know if they open it to the public, I will definitely have go there. Never saw him in person, would be a great opportunity just to have a feel of what his world was like when he lived there.

  • Yet Another

    What a truly disgusting article! It’s utterly dispicable that you’d bring up dead allegations about a dead man just to serve as a punchline to a story that isn’t gay related in the least. And then to associate the opening of a state park with exhibitionist gay pedophilia makes you no better than homophobic assholes who think thats all we are. This is truly a piece of shit.

  • Blah

    Wait- why does anyone care? The dude was a fucking PEDOPHILE. Seriously? If he weren’t famous would anybody be mourning him? I’m glad the fucker’s dead- what an evil sack of shit. I hope there is a hell and he rots and is tortured in it forever.

  • Jack

    Queerty shows YET AGAIN that it doesn’t know what’s funny to its readers, but does know what will make them upset enough to post a response. For a site that can be replicated by anyone searching Google News, I’m not sure I’d keep pissing off the readers.

  • Enron

    @Blah: Well, pack your bags, because the majority of bible loving conservative heterosexuals say we are all going to hell too. Geez, I never knew there were Gay people who are just as hateful as you.

    Yes, Michael was different, which is part of the magic of who he is. People said he always wanted to be white. It took his death and autopsy report to prove he was not lying. People said he wanted white hair, when leaked footage from the botched Pepsi commercial showed burning red scalp and he had to wear a wig for years.

    The little boy who accused him in 1993 was a opportunist, his father put him up to go through with. A father that was estranged from him and the mother for years. Its when he found out his family was spending time with MJ he came up with idea. How can you do an out of court settlement for something that traumatic that happened to your son? Why not sue MJ and see to the full course of justice. Its quite obvious there was no case there, but MJ said he didn’t want to go through a dragged out case like OJ, that’s why he settled out of court, to move on with his life and career. Gavin Arvizo is another liar setup by his mother. His mother was arrested for trying to steal merchandise out of JC Penny, when the guards caught her and Gavin, she sued them for $150,000 because they handled her too rough. When Chris Tucker warned Michael that the mother was asking him for money, Chris warned Michael, you need to tell these people to leave now. The little boy is not sick any more.

    When Michael informed them, it was time to leave and move on, the mother got upset. Why? The good life was over, no more freeloading off MJ, no more free rides at Never land, no free food, gifts and trips. The mother decided, if I am going to leave without anything, I better find a way to get something, and so she chose the most despicable route that people would believe.

  • Deferr

    the title doesn’t make sense… “Will Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch The Public Cruising Park It Was Always Meant to Be?”

  • axos

    Michael Jackson was lynched by Tom Sneddon and the judicial system. His home was raided by 70 police officers, he was strip searched and cuffed, he was publicly humiliated and the victim of a trial on bullshit “evidence”. The real reason was blatant racism – let’s put this uppity n*** in his right place because he is so extraordinarily talented, so popular, so rich.

    And now he’s made fun of in Queerty of all sites, by people who should know what it is like to be harrassed and automatically, unjustifiably, believed to be pedophiles by a great many uninformed people.

    You should feel empathy, not trash him. Get your act together.

  • Blah

    @Enron: Riiiight. And I never knew there were gays as stupid as you. The magic of who he was? Really? Just because the dude had some snappy songs and was a talented artist doesn’t excuse pedophilia. Plus, the fact that this stuff kept happening to him because even after getting in trouble the first time he continued to “reach out” to little boys. Yeah. A sane person stops because, you know, being labeled a pedophile sucks but a pedophile doesn’t stop because they’re a fucking pedophile.

  • axos

    Unless you have personally been molested by Michael Jackson, shut the f*** up and stop spreading nasty rumors. The man was acquitted in the court of law, not because of insufficient evidence but because there was NO evidence.

    People like you are venom. Go hate someone who deserves it. Gosh, you malicious people who thrive on causing trouble and destruction. Killing is not enough, you have to spit on the grave too.

  • Blah

    @axos: Whatever. Go jack yourself off to Thriller you sick fuck.

  • axos


    You are an idiot. Almost the entire music industry is in awe of this man. In spite of being 50 and not having held a concert in eight years – and then only two – he sold out 50 arenas in London. Now figure out how many people that would have been – 50 times 85 000. Think you can do that?

    But you little tabloid-indoctrinated sh*t knows he was a pedophile and talentless? Go hide in a closet. You have no idea what you are talking about.

  • Cakodon

    @axos: Aww, someone has their panties in a twist. Agree with some of the above posters. The guy was a sicko. :(

  • axos

    No, I’m just sick and tired of the constant, mindless allegations. I suggest those with a constant need of telling everyone what a “sicko” Michael Jackson was – based solely on 1 1/2 decades of merciless media bullying to sell copies – should think again. It’s not a pretty sight when people are torn apart for no real reason at all.

    I’ve never actually been a big MJ fan until he died, although I loved his music. I never bothered to see a concert and didn’t care one bit about his skin color or private life. I was just bored to death with reading about his nose year after year. But then I started to investigate him a bit, and I saw what tremendous power to destruct the media has. I basically like Queerty, so this little piece beating him once more just because annoyed me. Jackson was haunted to death, enough is enough. He is dead. Leave him alone, or be grateful for what he gave during his lifetime. I wouldn’t have been without his dance and songs.

  • Rob Wilson

    I agree with Axos. If I accuse you of stealing $100,000 today, and someone else accuses you of the same thing 10 years from now, does that make you a thief? I hink not

    Leave Michael the fuck alone and have some respect for the fucking dead.

  • axos

    @Rob Wilson:
    Thanks for the support. I hate bullying in the school yards, and I hate the global bullying of Michael Jackson.

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