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Will Mitt Romney Answer Calls to Tell the Mormon Church to Back Off on Gay Marriage?

Fred Karger, the one-man machines behind Californians Against Hate, which has endlessly been calling bullshit on the National Organization for Marriage and the Mormon Church for its involvement in Prop 8, is an easy guy to love. And not just because he’s become a target of NOM in court, or because he’s on the ground at the Perry trial. But because he’s not letting his brand of grassroots activism stop anytime soon. His latest project? Well, let’s call it Operation Mitt Romney.

The failed presidential hopeful and active Mormon is also, here in 2010, still considered a possibility for a 2012 Republican presidential candidate. Which has Karger all the more hopeful that through his new campaign Rights Equal Rights, a few phone calls dialing up Romney will convince him to lobby his own Mormon Church to back off on gay marriage.

We’re not a betting website, but if we had to we’d place Karger’s chances of convincing Romney to tell LDS to shuddup at “slim to none.” That does not mean, however, we don’t appreciate Karger’s efforts, without which we may never get to see NOM’s tax reports showing its connection to LDS.